how do i change difficulty?

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User Info: warrenmats

6 years ago#1

easy automatic is way too easy, i accidentally switched to automatic on my first play through.

dude i killed mundus i like 1 hit in easy mode -.-

User Info: justaNewbie

6 years ago#2
SHORT ANSWER -- You need to start a New Game in Normal mode and not switch to Easy-Automatic mode during the first three missions.

User Info: justaNewbie

6 years ago#3
LONG ANSWER -- Here's a rundown of DMC's various modes and playable characters.

Dante character -- The red leather clad default character you must play as when you start the game since there aren't any alternatives.

Normal mode -- This "standard" difficulty mode is actually quite tough for people the first time through (especially the first boss and sub-boss battles). However, later on you'll laugh at how much trouble you had. Completing Normal is the only way to advance to Hard mode; in fact, you'll be thrown into Hard mode automatically (i.e., there's no way to play through Normal mode multiple times using the same save file to stock up on stuff before advancing to Hard mode).

Easy-Auto mode -- This mode is typically offered after you use too many yellow orbs to continue your game prior to completing Mission 3 in Normal mode. Beating it takes you directly into another Easy-Auto game. It's an infinite loop that goes nowhere; you can't take any of the orbs/items/abilities you acquire in Easy-Auto to any other difficulty mode.

Hard mode -- Completing Hard mode unlocks "Dante Must Die!" (DMD) mode and the level-select option. This gives you the choice of continuing your current saved game in any of the unlocked difficulty modes (you can replay Normal or Hard mode multiple times to stock up on stuff if you want to now). Completing Hard mode additionally unlocks "The Legendary Dark Knight" (LDK) as a playable character.

LDK character -- The Legendary Dark Knight is basically Dante in a different outfit with the major notable difference being that he starts the game (you get to choose which difficulty mode) with a new sword called the Yamato that temporarily turns into the Sparda sword when he DTs. To compensate for the additional range you get when the Yamato is in Sparda form, LDK's standard DTed sword slashes drain his devil gauge more quickly than normal. Also, the Yamato "piggybacks" whatever Alastor abilities you purchase but there aren't any additional ones to buy for it. Aside from cosmetic changes and this additional melee weapon, the only other difference worth noting is new non-boss battle music -- everything else is the same. You must start a new game to start using LDK; nothing gets carried over, you must start from scratch with the default inventory. Most people just continue using Dante via the saved game they've already invested their time in rather than start over as LDK.

DMD mode -- This is the most difficult mode the game has to offer, and will likely have you cussing and throwing controllers... but in a "good" way. ;) This mode is the reason lots of people stock up on items by playing through Normal or Hard modes over and over. (Personally, I prefer the "get better so you don't need to stock up" method.) Once you beat this mode you will be rewarded with another playable character called Super Dante.

Super Dante character -- Like LDK, you must start a new game to play as Super Dante (so you'll be starting from scratch again), and can pick whichever difficulty mode you want. The big difference with Super Dante is that he never runs out of devil gauge. You can now enter a room, DT, and stay DTed while using Dante's powerful abilities to obliterate every enemy without worrying that he'll revert back to normal. Before Mission 22, there's not even a reason to buy purple orbs... the three symbols you start with will last forever. The only bad news is that because you had to start a new game, Super Dante must play through the first and part of the second mission without taking advantage of his bottomless devil gauge until you trigger the Alastor cutscene as it's not possible to DT with the Force Edge.

BTW, there is no "Super LDK" character in the game; so you can't possess both the Yamato sword and infinite devil gauge simultaneously (although this may be possible using a GameShark or similar product).

User Info: warrenmats

6 years ago#4

so after you go to hard mode u can't go back to normal mode? dang, i had trouble on the first boss on hard mode . i can't even go past mission 4

User Info: justaNewbie

6 years ago#5
> so after you go to hard mode u can't go back to normal mode?

Immediately after completing your 1st Normal mode playthrough you automatically start the 2nd playthrough in Hard mode, but after completing that you're able to choose any available difficulty mode next. In other words, you can play Normal > Hard > Normal > Normal > Normal > (infinity) if you want.

> dang, i had trouble on the first boss on hard mode . i can't even go past mission 4

Wasn't certain if you meant "go past" or "get to" Mission 4, so...

If you're talking about the boss at the end of Mission 3 (which most first-time players have lots of trouble against), visiting this thread should help...

M3 Normal Mode Boss & General DMC1 Info/Tips ...

**WARNING** :: Again, if you're offered the chance to switch to Easy-Automatic mode immediately after completing M3, don't do it!!!

If you're talking about the boss at the end of Mission 4, visiting this thread should help...

M4 Normal Mode Boss Tips ...

User Info: lowhighkang

6 years ago#6
I believe the european version of the game asked you to switch to easy auto after the phantom fight regardless. While in the NA version, you had to have died several times.
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