I cant beat Jasmine of Olivine City. HELP!

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  3. I cant beat Jasmine of Olivine City. HELP!

User Info: buizel123

8 years ago#1
My team currently consists of

Level 34 Piddgeoto
Level 17 Togepi
Level 20 Eevee
Level 25 Quilava
Level 21 Krabby
Level 19 Magnemite

Where can I train my pokemon so that I can beat Jasmine?
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User Info: redlegs19

8 years ago#2

First off get a magmar at the burned tower and get him higher to help with this gym. Then try to get a geodude and level him up or, teach dig or mud slap to quilava to handle the magnemites. For steelix try fighting type pokemon as he has a double weakness to them. You can trade drowzee for machop on 5F of the department store. As for where to train, try the route just ahead of olivine city or if your fire pokemon know an attack that handles water pokemon like thunderpunch or headbutt then train in the water towards cianwood city. I hope this helps!

User Info: DryWit

8 years ago#3
You already have Quilava. Fire beats Steel. Just raise him a couple of levels.

User Info: buizel123

8 years ago#4
Last night I raised my quilava to level 27. What level would be good to face the GYM Leader with?
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User Info: GoodApolloIV

8 years ago#5
At level 31 he'll learn Flame Wheel, which should be enough, since I really doubt Ember is going to cut it. Steelix also has a x2 weakness to Water so if Krabby knows Surf you can use that to soften Steelix up a bit. It probably won't kill him seeing as Krabby's Special Attack is lacking, but it will help. Fighting and Ground moves also help, Ground especially for those Magnemites.
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User Info: 73h64m32

8 years ago#6
I got the Machop from Goldenrod and leveled it into a Machoke, and taught it Dynamic Punch. It OWNED this gym.

User Info: Wariki

8 years ago#7
How do u not have a typhlo at this point....

User Info: Ubergeneral3

8 years ago#8
I usually don't have typho until I have 8 badges....
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User Info: Gamer7625

8 years ago#9
I normally train all of my Pokemon to the level of the Gym Leaders highest Pokemon then use Super Effective moves. Level up Quilava a bit and you shoudl have no problems.
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User Info: MacDaMurderer

8 years ago#10
Why do you have a crap pokemon like pidgey leveled and evolved into his 30s while your starter is lacking.
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  3. I cant beat Jasmine of Olivine City. HELP!

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