How to get honey- where's the beehive?

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User Info: carr_mig

9 years ago#1
Had another question, felt I'd better make another topic.

Following Sky Render's guide, I planted Pink Cat seeds and the flowers bloomed. Of course, I gave them all away, but no beehive appeared, and, of course, I got no honey. Now, I read another FAQ that said I needed 2 plots of Pink Cat Seeds- is that true? Do I need to go buy another one to get the bees? Or did I not check properly or something?
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User Info: DDRJake

9 years ago#2
You only need 1 flower blooming in the field to make the beehive appear. You're certain that they bloomed and that there's no crude yellow beehive on the lone apple tree directly down from your house?

If not, it could be that they bloomed on a festival day and then you picked them all before the next day, although i can't be sure that this is even a possibility.
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User Info: SupremeMage

9 years ago#3
If in the day they bloomed someone visited your house and you picked them all in that same day, then you wouldn't get the cutscene with the bee going to the beehive and therefore you wouldn't be able to get honey. Did that happen to you? (Like Zack delivering a cooking utensil or someone asking you something, maybe before a festival where you needed to tell if you were participating.)
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User Info: AgentShinra

9 years ago#4
you know its weird iv played this game though a couple of times and i had no idea you could get a bee hive of honey

User Info: jagermeister115

9 years ago#5

haha just place 1 field 9x9 of any flowers as close to that tree and let the flowers bloom and let them stand there for couple days ,, THE KILLERBEE'S WILL COME xD

Note* once you get the bee hive, you can get honey everyday 1 pot , you can give to you're baby or sell , eat it ...

but if you give 1 pot of honey to the bee guy in the woodcutters hut , he will come the next day that the bee's are rare and the honey will be more worth for selling =)

More Questions ? ask =)

grtz hope it worked ,, i'm not **** you =P

User Info: ryokayin

9 years ago#6
50g for Honey, 60g for Honey the beekeeper looked at afterwards. I usually sell it after I've collected a certain amount. I'm a dick when it comes to money in the game. :P
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