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User Info: Doolz2024

8 years ago#1
It looks like you'll have to start posting from GameFAQs now that Eliseo found us a new board. I just logged in on GameSpot, and searched for the new board, and when I did, I recieved the message "no results found". Apparently, that game is so old, GameSpot doesn't even have a forum for it. GameFAQs does though, so it looks as though you'll have to post from GameFAQs now.

If you can't, or just don't want to post on GameFAQs, we can always find another board that GameSpot actually has. Just let me know what you're gonna do. ;)

BTW, if you do decide to post on GameFAQs, here's the link to our new board:
Doolz, anything can happen. ~ RAMBO6727 ~
PSN: Doolz2024 (I have a mic)

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