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Is dodging Dracula's 'charging attack' an example of trial-and-error gameplay?slk_2332/21 9:52PM
What did Morris mean by saying 'But your training must begin anew?' (spoilers)slk_2371/20 9:39AM
Do you prefer how Circle of the Moon has wicked witches, not cute/hot witches?slk_23212/10 9:17PM
Is it consensus among the fans that Shooter is the worst bonus mode?slk_23311/1 6:04PM
Are skeletons in the Battle Arena supposed to be much stronger than normal ones?slk_23510/18 7:04PM
Castlevania Circle of The Moon 2017James_Flinders39/29 7:31PM
I beat COTM for the first timePoorRetroGamer39/7 5:42PM
What is up with the card drop rate?Mikeydct38/24 1:34AM
Would it be fair to consider the Dragon Zombies the hardest boss in the game?slk_2328/24 1:32AM
In the beginning, how did Morris, Hugh, and Nathan get to the castle? (spoilers)slk_2358/8 11:29PM
Map help!MadJak9127/25 1:25PM
'Shudder' (boss theme) reminds me of Raymond Scott - Powerhouse (assembly line)slk_2325/27 9:15PM
Favorite game mode.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Megatronformayo125/27 9:15PM
Underground waterwayMegatronformayo55/17 7:12PM
CV:COTM RemakeJames_Flinders11/27/2016
Origins of Morris Baldwin in fanmade gamesJames_Flinders11/16/2016
questions for map completionskater43912/4/2015
What level does the Battle Arena become "easy?"ploodie412/3/2015
Does anybody else feel that the rooms in CotM are overall too big?slk_23311/30/2015
Was enjoying this game until Adremelechploodie311/30/2015
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