Drakan: TAG Glitch Video Tutorial?

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User Info: Notcoolbro

1 year ago#21
I think its awesome how hidden gems like this game still have a passionate fan following even today. I played Drakan a few years back when I was trying to build an extensive PS2 collection. There's nothing else like it on the system. It truly stands out on its own. I'm happy to see a fans keeping the memories alive. I checked out your first vid and will watch some others later on. Great job!

User Info: Silvrix_Mang

1 year ago#22
It truly is one of a kind and here on this board you'll find people who share the same thoughts for the game. Drakan: TAG is a perfect example of good storytelling as well as fluid and satisfying game play. Even though it is without beta testing the glitches it encounters (primarily those on the original PS2, which is the system I am using for my videos) are both exploitable and avoidable, which makes the game very much playable. Even some glitches can be undone by other glitches (did Dehrimon fail to give the Kragmor quest? Just do the mountain bypass glithch into Kragmor). So it appeals not just those who love this type of fantasy story or RPG adventure game, but to those who enjoy this game as a playground to explore and discover glitches (or a mixture of the three mentioned. I hope to do a video play through when I am done with the glitch tutorial videos. Let me know how you like them, and more will be coming soon. ;)
"I am also known as Jasoya"

User Info: gelbot

1 year ago#23
Silvrix, this is just amazing. Thanks for putting all this together. /cheer
That twisting sound you hear is the sound of dedicated Drakan fans trying to wring every last drop of gaming goodness from D:TAG.- TreeWolf

User Info: Silvrix_Mang

1 year ago#24
Thank you gelbot for the cheer, and many more episodes will be coming. Here are the two recent episodes from Youtube.

Episode 26
-Explaining how to succefully get into the Wartok Base
-Explaining how to trap Arokh on an elevator.
-Shortcut (via Sconekiller's "Rynn Glide Glitch" in the cave where the
Wartok Base key is
-Shattering Shaza and Tora (glitch will be discussed further in a
future episode).
-Skeletons just outside the ruins (Rynn activated)
-Skeletons spawn inside the sand dunes
-Leaving the area where the elevator to Stratos with Arokh.
-"Evening at the Valley" (Jasoya)

Episode 27
-Mountain Bypass Glitch (SwordCzar)
-Bypassing into the Scavanger Cave
-Bypassing into the Cave with the wartok base key
-Riding Arokh, riding an elevator
-Flying Arokh out of an elevator
-Mounting Arokh makes you immune to being crushed by an elevator.
-Freezing the game when exploring a bypassed cave
-How to avoid freezing the game while exploring a bypassed cave
-Bypassing the Shaza and Tora cutscene
-"Sliding Safe Jump" glitch (Aneurysma)
-"Spell Glide" glitch (Sconekiller)
"I am also known as Jasoya"

User Info: gelbot

1 year ago#25
Ba hump for the ages
That twisting sound you hear is the sound of dedicated Drakan fans trying to wring every last drop of gaming goodness from D:TAG.- TreeWolf

User Info: swampeh

1 year ago#26
Thank you so much for these videos! I sent you a message on YT with a glitch you might not know of yet.

User Info: SwordCzar

1 year ago#27
I hardly know what to say.
I see this lone thread standing... A testimony to gem-quality effort, and I have been here for none of it.
I will watch all of your vids, and gratefully so.

When I am at greater leisure and armed with coffee, I'll give feedback and any clarifications I might be able to offer.

You, Mighty Warrior, do please the Gods.
"We bother to live, we bother - to a point where we suddenly cain't... be bothered, we can't be bothered - get gone son, get you up and speak sane."

User Info: Silvrix_Mang

1 year ago#28
Thank you guys. I have been out of it for a few days cause I was sick. The next episode should be up soon. I will also post the last few episodes I have down soon as well.

Swampeh I will be looking into that glitch of yours while I still have some ballistas left in the game. I actually did not know about Arokh's melee attack. Thank you for sharing and I will be sure to quote you for the find.

Thanks for the feed back and keeping this thread alive Gelbot and SwordCzar. I owe you guys.
"I am also known as Jasoya"

User Info: Silvrix_Mang

1 year ago#29
Here are the latest episodes and the links to the last two episodes that I posted.

Episode 26 (https://youtu.be/K_Q3e0u5KG4)

Episode 27 (https://youtu.be/cNk-pYQ05l0)

Episode 28 (https://youtu.be/adwXLCTwva4)
-Many shade/shadow changes with Arokh
-Enter Andre's house when it is not rendered
-Infinite Climb glitch (Jasoya)
-Infinite Fall glitch (Jasoya)
-Mage Hand (Jasoya)

Episode 29 (https://youtu.be/3MSJKSZZnE8)
- Getting Arokh stuck inside a platform the ruins
- Traversing the "Ruins to Stratos" with Arokh
- Flying through particles of light
- Walking through hallways with Arokh
- Flying through hallways with Arokh
- Killing all the soulless in the "Ruins to Stratos" with Arokh
- Still life soulless
- Game freezes while Arokh walks in place
- The location of the light particles for the invisible bridge before you activate the switch
- Escaping from the "Ruins to Stratos" with Arokh

Episode 30 (https://youtu.be/SHhFiJBeAgY)
-Deactivating "The Walk of Blood" trap before defeating Gothraul
-Shaza or Tora's reassembled corpse in free fall position
-Accessing a ledge to a cage wall in the Wartok Base
-A trick you can do with impale
-Best way for Arokh to provide a proper memorial service for his enemies
-Polygon Rynn
-The mythril great ax and invincibility potion locations
-Good sniping spot when facing Gothraul
-An ever-flipflopping horizon
-Accessing a wide open area via Sconekiller's "Rynn Glide Glitch."
-Getting behind and on top of Gothraul's throne room

Episode 31 (https://youtu.be/cRiF-P23TWg)
-Kill Bonegrinder first with Arokh
-A background transition
-Sunny Andrellian Isles (Headhuntress)
-Catapults not Rendered
-Invincible and invisible dragons
-Kegan's hat and cigarette
-Failed to save Savoth
-Skipping lightning spell level 1 and go straight to level 2.

Episode 32 (https://youtu.be/akatlcZlmEU)
-Getting to the other side of the sea in Surdana
-Making the castaways run into the Outpost's cave "Ach! Dragon!
-Making a castaway run through his own tent
-How to get a castaway unstuck from a corner wall
-Making a castaway run under the water
-Making a castaway be able to run if he is cowering in fear
-Getting to the other side of the Andrellian Sea via Arokh
-"Mountain Bypass Glitch" (SwordCzar)
-Maneuvering Arokh inside a mountain (SwordCzar)
-Walking/flying underneath the Sea
-Talking to a castaway under the Sea.
-Walking underneath the sea with underwater atmosphere.
"I am also known as Jasoya"

User Info: Silvrix_Mang

11 months ago#30
Here is the latest episode that I posted earlier today.

Episode 33 (https://youtu.be/SffOC9wcw7w)
-Targeting the Grull manning the catapults.
-Grull running to occupy a vacant catapult
-Jumping on the ballistas
-Freeing Arokh from the mountain after dismount at the outer -limits
-Exploring the outer limits with Rynn
-"Sliding Safe Jump" (Aneurysma)
-Running underwater
-Don't jump with pushy boundaries
-Arokh's hidden melee attack? (Plan to revisit this in hopes of trying to figure if it is exploitable, situational, or random)
"I am also known as Jasoya"
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