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User Info: PsychicKid

4 years ago#1
I know in Stadium 1, items were bound to the game's OT/ID, so you could not transfer items between two different games or two different save files. What about Stadium 2? Can I transfer items willy-nilly between the GB games and Stadium 2 without regard for save file? (Obviously I know gen 1 and gen 2 can't swap items).

Mainly, it's because I have a Monster Brain device for gen 2 that I used to get x99 of every TM, and I'd like to just dump x99 of every TM onto Stadium 2 so I can pull them out when necessary. The same holds for gen 1, except replace Monster Brain with the MissingNo item dupe glitch. I love Gen 5's idea of infinite-use TMs, so for gen 1 and gen 2, this is the next best thing; Just without the headache of constantly re-duping them with the Monster Brain/MissingNo.

And while I am here, quick question. When I plug Pokemon Yellow into Stadium 1, the save file vanishes (It says "There is no Save Data" on the Transfer Pak screen after the Title Screen). However, the game can save data on a GBA just fine, so I'm wondering what's going on? My Red and Blue work fine with Stadium 1, and I have yet to test Yellow on Stadium 2. Any ideas? I'm leaning towards a dying battery that might be having a weird voltage issue when the game tries to communicate with Stadium. I should probably just replace it.


User Info: ShadowMario3

4 years ago#2
In Stadium 2, you can transfer items between games in the same gen, they are not bound by the OT/ID it came from. So that means you can trade items from one Red/Blue/Yellow to another, but not to Gold/Silver/Crystal. I know with Gen I, you can use this to sequence break pretty early with Key Items. Haven't tried it with Gen II though.

Also, just to let you know, if you use the MissingNo. Glitch to get an item over x99, be sure to deposit all of it in the PC. If you leave it in your pack and look at the items through Stadium 2, they'll go down to 99. Won't happen to items in the PC though.
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