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User Info: nintendopromo

7 years ago#1

I've spent a long time in Internet Area 15 fighting the bagworm enemies. I managed to get a LeafShield, but I have spent hours trying to get the Dropdown chip from the red bagworm. I've been using Fireman3 to take down the bagworm with high HP, and I loaded my folder with lots of Heater F chips to take care of the red bagworm.

I can get a busting level of 8 or 9 on the red bagworm. However, I've done this so many times that I think I'm doing something wrong. Could someone please give me some advice? Do I have to find some way to S-rank this bagworm?

Thanks for the help. :)

User Info: RandyPandy

7 years ago#2

To S-Rank, you need more than one enemy preset, and you need to kill them at the same time. =/ This is probably the hardest chip to obtain by Virus Busting, so a lot of people resort to the Chip Traders. Sorry.
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User Info: kaothic86

7 years ago#3
It's not worth it.

It's impossible to get the chip from the lone red bagworm (although it is possible to get LeafShield from the green one) and the groups the red bagworm appear with usually include the aurahead guys, S-ranking that virus group in this game is harder than fighting 4 BassXX in BN5. Just use the traders, remember they don't autosave in this game so you can softreset as much as you want.

User Info: nintendopromo

7 years ago#4
After a few soft resets, I managed to get the Dropdown chip in the chip trader.


I was fighting random battles to find ShadowMan when I encountered a Fire Aura enemy and a red bagworm. I used Bubbler S to take down his aura, leaving him with 210 HP. Then I quickly used two Skullman3 S chips in succession, one hitting the Aura virus and the other hitting the red bagworm right after. I was so pleased to find that I got a level 10 busting level, and a Dropdown chip! Yay!

I think I've found a feasible way to get Dropdown in battle: Equip as many Sharkman 3's in your folder as possible. Then keep fighting random battles in Internet Area 15, waiting for the Fire Aura enemy with the red bagworm. If you're very fortunate, you could have two Sharkman 3 chips at the beginning of the battle. Use one immediately to take the Fire Aura off and damage it, then wait for the red bagworm to come down. Immediately use another Sharkman 3 and you will double delete them, hopefully getting an S ranking.

The only problem with this method is that the odds of having two Sharkman 3's a the beginning of the battle and the Fire Aura enemy with the red bagworm are pretty low.

Maybe the chip trader is easier. Much easier. :)

User Info: kaothic86

7 years ago#5
Wait, I thought you needed at least a double delete to rank higher than 9, how did you get a 10 rank using two separate SkullMan3?

User Info: nintendopromo

7 years ago#6
Unless I'm very mistaken, sometimes using two navi chips (such as 2 Skullman) on two separate enemies in extremely quick succession can get you a 10 rank. I'm certain that I've done this at other points in the game to different viruses.

Given the chips I had in my folder when I got Dropdown, the only possibility was to use a Bubbler S on the Fire Aura and then two Skullman chips, on one enemy after another.

User Info: Ryan Ferneau

Ryan Ferneau
7 years ago#7
Right, the game doesn't require the enemies to be destroyed at exactly the same time to count as multi-kill, but merely within a very small window of time. And chips that freeze the action also freeze the timer for that...
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