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    10 - What is a Mist Quickening?

    A Mist Quickening is the 'Limit Break' or 'Overdrive' of FFXII. To be able to use a mist quickening, you must first learn it on the license board. You do not need to buy a quickening from the shop to use it, you just have to buy the license. You need full MP to use a quickening. There are 18 quickenings on the license board, and each character can have three, NO MORE. Once a quickening license has been bought on the Board, it cannot be used by another party member.
    A Mist quickening is only semi effective when only one character has one. When three characters have one, you can start to combo. When you activate your quickening, you will see the names of your party members and a bar that will decrease over time. You must push the correct button next to a character's name to continue the combo. Sometimes, however, no button is available to be pushed. In this case, you can push R2 and it will shuffle the buttons, and hopefully a button will appear next to a character's name. This is pretty much based on luck.
    Sometimes you can get 10 in a row, other times you won't get any hits. After a certain amount of hits, your character will perform a finisher which deals a lot of damage. However, even this damage is random and sometimes it won't deal as much as you want it to. If a character is used to perform a combo during a mist quickening, his or her MP will be reduced to 0. Mist Quickenings are useful when a boss has half of his HP left, because a mist quickening can do enough damage to take that entire HP away. As a character gains more Quickenings, the combos become more powerful.
    More powerful combos can occur, they are known as Concurrences. This is one of the few ways the player can break the 9999 damage limit. Check out this FAQ for more information regarding quickening and concurrences:

    11 - What's the deal with Espers?

    Espers are the summons of FFXII. You have to defeat an Esper before it will become a part of your License Board. Once again, you do not have to BUY the esper to use it; you just need to have the license. However, unlike Mist Quickenings, a party member can have as many Espers as he or she wants. Once a member gains the license for an Esper, though, no other party member can summon that Esper. So choose your Espers wisely. Espers generally aren't very useful in FFXII unless you take advantage of their Limit Breaks. Summoning an Esper will reduce your MP, depending on the rank of the Esper (Rank III Espers will drain all of your MP to summon). Espers also have their own sort of limit breaks.
    Everything about Espers can be found here:

    12 - What is a Gambit?

    A Gambit is a set of actions that your party members will perform. These actions consist of two components: a Target and an Item/Magick/Technick. As you progress through the game, you will be able to select from more targets. Some of the targets become very specific, which allows for some very strategic gambits to be made. Note that the order you put the gambits will actually determine the priority of those gambits. It's a wise idea to put all your healing gambits as the first lines. You don't want your character to keep attacking when he should be healing someone.
    A useful Gambit FAQ:

    13 - What are some useful gambits?

    Steal Gambit:

    Target: Foe if HP=100% Steal
    Target: Party leader's target Attack

    Cure Gambit:

    Target:Ally HP < 30% Cure

    The gambits above are used throughout the game. Your gambits should continue to change as you enter new areas and combat new foes. Again, use this Gambit FAQ:
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