Vorpal bunny?

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User Info: generationx

9 years ago#1
it said golomore jungle but where? dont want to run around like a headless chicken tryin to find it!! lol

User Info: FanMattai

9 years ago#2
the rare monster map section.
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User Info: gameusurper

9 years ago#3
It's in the bottom section where all the high level 30 hellhounds hang out.

User Info: NyteRaptor

9 years ago#4
It spawns in the Rustling Chapel
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User Info: Rinoa_lover

9 years ago#5
Anybody else catch the reference in the name? The vorpal bunny is an old throwback to one of the coolest enemies in the early Wizardry games. A bunny that could decapitate you!

User Info: Natwaf_akidna

9 years ago#6
I thought it was a reference to Monty Python.
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User Info: Xpocalypse

9 years ago#7
But it's got big teeth!

Haha, had to, anyways just check the map, that'll show you where.

User Info: Rinoa_lover

9 years ago#8
Huh. Indeed it is according to Wikipedia. So I guess it didn't originate with Wizardry. Thanks for setting me straight dude.

User Info: Rinoa_lover

9 years ago#9
I've even seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's the only thing of Monty Python I've watched and I remember the bunny. For some reason I never made the connection though. Frickin' awesome.

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