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User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#1
Sooo, they rejected the FAQ, despite seeing many, many requests for it. I'm posting here in case it might help people. Comments welcome.

Sky Pirate's Den FAQ

by Tolerance0

Version 1.0
July 25, 2008

Table of Contents

( Use Ctrl+f to find things using characters next to section names )

i. Introduction

I. Sky Pirate's Den (spd00)
1. Ashe - Exemplar (spd01)
2. Ba'Gamnan - Scrivener (spd02)
3. Balthier - Assault Striker (spd03)
4. Basch - Blood Dancer (spd04)
5. Behemoth King - Lord of the Kings (spd05)
6. Belias - High Summoner (spd06)
7. Carrot - Freshmaker (spd07)
8. Chocobo - Wayfarer (spd08)
9. Crystal - Runeweaver (spd09)
10. Deathgaze - Eagle Eye (spd10)
11. Fafnir - Wyrmslayer (spd11)
12. Fran - Spellsinger (spd12)
13. Gabranth - Mist Walker (spd13)
14. Gilgamesh - Master Swordsman (spd14)
15. Gurdy - Spendthrift (spd15)
16. Hell Wyrm - Radiant Saviour (spd16)
17. Migelo - Privateer (spd17)
18. Mimic - Collector (spd18)
19. Montblanc - The Unrelenting (spd19)
20. Old Dalan - Cartographer (spd20)
21. Penelo - Plunderer (spd21)
22. Rasler - Conqueror (spd22)
23. Reks - Record Breaker (spd23)
24. Trickster - Sharpshooter (spd24)
25. Ultima - Fell Angel (spd25)
26. Vaan - Master Thief (spd26)
27. Vayne - Premier Prestidigitator (spd27)
28. Vosler - Jack-of-All-Trades (spd28)
29. Yiazmat - Hunter Extraordinaire (spd29)
30. Zodiark - Zodiac Knight (spd30)

II. Frequently Asked Questions (spd31)
You wanna know who da winner is? / Look in the mirror bro / that's the Winnah!!!

User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#2
i. Introduction

The Sky Pirate's Den is a section of the Clan Primer that lists various
accomplishments made by the player during the course of their FFXII game.
It is something of a trophy room; once you complete a certain objective
a character appears in the den, with a majestic title and a description
of what prompted the arrival.

There are 30 trophies in the den, and getting them all is one of three
requirements for obtaining the highest clan ranking: Order of Ambrosia.
Frankly, completing the den might as well be the only requirement. The
other two (Getting 1 million clan points and defeating all 45 marks) are
accomplished while completing the den, anyways.

This guide was written to clarify questions you might have about any of
the individual "trophies" in the den. Each section lists the name of the
character that shows up, the title of the trophy, and their location in
the den. There is also a requirements section for each trophy that lists
specialized tactics that may be used to get the trophy, but most are

Good luck!

I. Sky Pirate's Den (spd00)

[ 1. Ashe - Exemplar ] (spd01)

Location: Center, left of Mimic. She is sitting down.

Text: "Ashe: Awarded for raising your party's average level above 50,
earning you the title of Exemplar."

Reqs: Easy enough. Just get the average level of your party above 50.
For those who don't know (?), the average is all characters' levels
added up then divided by 6.


[ 2. Ba'Gamnan - Scrivener ] (spd02)

Location: Far right, next to Migelo and Old Dalan.

Text: "Ba'Gamman: Awarded for completing the Bestiary, earning you the
title of Scrivener."

Reqs: Completing the bestiary means having an entry for every monster.
This includes all normal monsters, the 13 espers, all the marks
(including Yiazmat), all 80 rares, and all bosses (including
optional ones, such as Earth Eater and Omega Mk. XII).

The only monster you do not need is Lv. 99 Red Chocobo because
all chocobos share a single Bestiary entry (except for the rare
game Bull Chocobo, of course).

You only need to kill ONE of each monster; completing the extra
page requirements is not necessary. The only normal monsters you
might miss are some of the Entites/elementals, as some require
specialized spawn conditions. Some of the Garamscythe Waterway
monsters are also easy to miss (some depend on how you switch
the water flow). Also don't forget to kill the easy to miss
Humanoids: Garif, Seeq, and Bangaa.

Consult the Bestiary FAQ on for help completing the
bestiary. Another really good guide to use is Split Infinity's
walkthrough, which has very detailed information for every monster.


[ 3. Balthier - Assault Striker ] (spd03)

Location: Bottom center. He is riding...a FF12 surfboard?

Text: "Balthier: Awarded for Attacking over 300 times, earning you the
title of Assault Striker."

Reqs: Painfully easy. You'll get this without even trying.


User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#3
[ 4. Basch - Blood Dancer ] (spd04)

Location: Top right, facing Gilgamesh.

Text: "Basch: Awarded for felling over 500 foes, earning you the title
of Blood Dancer."

Reqs: Another easy one you'll get just by playing through the game.


[ 5. Behemoth King - Lord of the Kings ] (spd05)

Location: Left side, under Hell Wyrm.

Text: "Behemoth King: Awarded for defeating the Behemoth King, earning
you the title of Lord of the Kings."

Reqs: Defeat Behemoth King (Rank VII) Elite Mark. Found in the Feywood,
The Edge of Reason. Only appears after you clear out ALL enemies
in The Edge of Reason and The Icefield of Clearsight. I didn't
find him to be particularly hard. He is basically just Fafnir with
more HP and stronger attacks. Just keep your characters buffed
(Bubble Belt is very good here), consider a Chronos Tear gambit,
and keep your characters separated so only one or two is hit by
Behemoth King's area of effect attacks.


[ 6. Belias - High Summoner ] (spd06)

Location: Left center, left of Deathgaze.

Text: "Belias: Awarded for obtaining every Esper, earning you the title
of High Summoner."

Reqs: Obtain all 13 of the espers. These are: Belias, Exodus, Chaos,
Cuchulainn, Zalera, Shemhazai, Zeromus, Adrammelech, Hashmal,
Famfrit, Ultima, Mateus, and Zodiark. For help getting any of them
consult the Esper/Boss FAQs on Ultima and Zodiark
are listed in this guide if you need help with them particularly.


User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#4
[ 7. Carrot - Freshmaker ] (spd07)

Location: Bottom right, below Fran.

Text: "Carrot: Awarded for defeating Carrot, earning you the title of

Reqs; Defeat Carrot (Rank VII) Elite Mark. Found in Salikawood,
Sun-dappled Path. Carrot is not too hard if you prepare first.
Just buff your characters as usual, equip Black Belt accessories
to prevent Disable from his Breath attacks and Power Armlet to
prevent Stop from Time Requiem (or gambit Chronos Tear). You can
also use curative magic on Carrot to damage him because he is
"undead." Altogether not too hard of a fight, and you even have
Kyrn with you casting buffs on your characters.


[ 8. Chocobo - Wayfarer ] (spd08)

Location: Top center, right of Vayne.

Text: "Chocobo: Awarded for taking over 50000 steps, earning you the
title of Wayfarer."

Reqs: Easy. You'll get this during normal gameplay/sidequests.


[ 9. Crystal - Runeweaver ] (spd09)

Location: Far left, above Fafnir.

Text: "Crystal: Awarded for learning every Magick, earning you the title
of Runeweaver."

Reqs: Purchase and license all Magicks. Pretty straightforward.


[ 10. Deathgaze - Eagle Eye ] (spd10)

Location: Center, below Mimic and right of Belias.

Text: "Deathgaze: Awarded for defeating Deathgaze, earning you the title
of Eagle Eye."

Reqs: Defeat Deathgaze (Rank VII) Mark. Once the hunt is activated, keep
using the airships in each town (not the Strahl) to fly around and
you'll eventually get this fight. This fight is pretty easy IMO,
but if you want a no-brainer win just cast Reverse and Renew on
him, then throw Potions at him and he goes down.


User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#5
[ 11. Fafnir - Wyrmslayer ] (spd11)

Location: Bottom left, left of Ultima.

Text: "Fafnir: Awarded for defeating Fafnir, earning you the title of

Reqs: Defeat Fafnir (Rank VII) Mark. Appears with a snowstorm in Paramina
Rift. Enter and exit from the Feywood until it snows. Fafnir is in
Silverflow's End but you must be sure NOT to pass Frozen Brook on
you way there; this ends the snowstorm. Instead, use Icebound Flow,
Karydine Glacier, Silverflow's End. Buff characters and equip Ruby
Ring to Refelct your characters. Have the third character use Opal
Ring to heal through your Reflects. This battle isn't too hard, he
just has high HP. If you want to cheat there is a glitch where you
stand between the big rock and the stream and Fafnir cannot hit
you with phsyical attacks. With Reflect on you bounce all spells
back to him while reflecting Thundaga off yourself.


[ 12. Fran - Spellsinger ] (spd12)

Location: Bottom right, above Carrot.

Text: "Fran: Awarded for casting Magicks over 200 times, earning you the
title of Spellsinger."

Reqs: Easy. Raise and cure gambits throughout the game are usually enough.


[ 13. Gabranth - Mist Walker ] (spd13)

Location: Center, left of Mimic?.

Text: "Gabranth: Awarded for performing every Concurrence, earning you
the title of Mist Walker."

Reqs: Perform all Concurrences at least once. Concurrences are the attacks
performed after you finish a Quickening chain. During a quickening
chain you'll notice different attacks by the player names, these
correspond to different levels of attacks. The following is a table
of characters and their quickening attack levels:

| Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3
Ashe | Northswain's Glow | Heaven's Wrath | Maelstrom's Bolt
Balthier | Fires of War | Tides of Fate | Element of Treachery
Basch | Fulminating Darkness | Ruin Impedent | Flame Purge
Fran | Feral Strike | Whip Kick | Shatterheart
Penelo | Intercession | Evanescence | Resplendence
Vaan | Red Spiral | White Whorl | Pyroclasm

In order to get different concurrences, you repeat each level attack
a certain number of times. For example, the easiest concurrence is
Inferno, which requires 3 level 1 attacks. The orange bubbles right
of the quickening's name is the level.

Here is the list of Concurrences:

| Level(s) | Times
Inferno | 1 | 3
Cataclysm | 1 | 7
Torrent | 1,2 | 3
Windburst | 2 | 5
White Out | 3 | 5
Ark Blast | 1,2,3 | 2
Luminescence | 1,2,3 | 3
Black Hole | 1,2,3 | 4


User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#6
Besides remembering what combinations you need, getting the last few
is largely a matter of luck. Just fight near a save crystal (the
one in Nabreus Deadlands is a good choice), and keep trying. Here
are some tips to help you:

+ Start the harder concurrences with a Level 3 quickening.
+ Go for the highest level quickenings first.
+ Mist charge whenever possible (before doing a quickening).
+ Once you get all the level 3s, take anything you get quickly.
+ Shuffle with R2 when need be.

This trophy is probably the biggest pain to get (more so than
Zodiark!), so just be patient and keep at it, eventually you'll
knock them all out.


[ 14. Gilgamesh - Master Swordsman ] (spd14)

Location: Far right, near Migelo and Vossler.

Text: "Gilgamesh: Awarded for defeating Gilgamesh, earning you the title
of Master Swordsman."

Reqs: Defeat Gilgamesh (Rank VII) Elite Mark. You have to beat him on
both occasions in the Lhusu Mines; at Tasche Span and Site 7. I
didn't find these fights to be hard; stealing the gear from him
was more frustrating, but if it helps you can Nihopaloa/Remedy
his dog, Enkidu, to make the fight easier. He is quick on his feet
and attacks like crazy, but he is not too strong and you should
not have problems healing and reviving your characters.


[ 15. Gurdy - Spendthrift ] (spd15)

Location: Top center, sitting at the table with Chocobo.

Text: "Gurdy: Awarded for spending over 1,000,000 gil, earning you the
title of Spendthrift."

Reqs: Another easy one. Between weapons, armor, spells, and technicks in
the normal game and the bazaar on the side, this should be easy.


[ 16. Hell Wyrm - Radiant Saviour ] (spd16)

Location: Top left, above Behemoth King.

Text:" Hell Wyrm: Awarded for defeating Hell Wyrm, earning you the title
of Radiant Saviour."

Reqs: Defeat Hell Wyrm in Sochen Cave Palace, Hall of the Wroth God. This
thing has a huge amount of HP, but is painfully easy to defeat. Why?
Because you can leave and re-enter the battle as many times as you
want and his health will remain depleted. The first time I fought
him I won with gambits alone, I suspect with the proper levels and
equipment you should be able to do the same. Make sure to have one
character equip a Ribbon or Power Belt to prevent Stop. Use that
character for a Chronos Tear gambit, too. He should not be hard to
beat because you can come and go as you please, but Maximillians
and high-end katanas should make the job easier.


User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#7
[ 17. Migelo - Privateer ] (spd17)

Location: Right side, under Vossler.

Text: "Migelo: Awarded for selling over 1000 pieces of loot, earning you
the title of Privateer."

Reqs: Surprisingly easy. Should be a cakewalk once you get the Grimoires
in your inventory during early-mid game.


[ 18. Mimic? - Collector ] (spd18)

Location: Center, can't miss it.

Text: "Mimic?: Awarded for obtaining rare goods on the bazaar, earning
you the title of Collector."

Reqs: Buy the Canopic Jar from the Bazaar. It appears as "Morbid Urn" in
the bazaar when you sell one of each of the following: Deimos Clay,
Horakhty's Flame, and Phobos Glaze. Morbid Urn costs 250,000.

Deimos Clay: Reward for completing Trickster mark hunt.
Horakhty's Flame: Reward for completing Orthos mark hunt.
Phobos Glaze: Reward for completing Gil Snapper mark hunt.


[ 19. Montblanc - The Unrelenting ] (spd19)

Location: Top right, above Carrot and Basch.

Text: "Montblanc: Awarded for completing a 50-Chain in battle, earning
you the title of The Unrelenting."

Reqs: Easy enough, just pick an enemy and get the chain to 50. Really
easy to do in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea with the Urutans.


[ 20. Old Dalan - Cartographer ] (spd20)

Location: Far right, right of Migelo and below Gilgamesh.

Text: "Old Dalan: Awarded for fully exploring every map, earning you the
title of Cartographer."

Reqs: This trophy is usually the most confusing. What it means is that
you need to visit every area of every map in the game at least once.
You do not need to do this for one-time only areas, such as Leviathan,
and you do not need to fully explore every area (getting rid of the
fog of war areas). All you have to do is enter every area once. The
easiest area to miss is Archades, Highgarden Terrace. I'd suggest
that you carefully look through the world map and make a list of
areas that you need to go to, then go to them one by one without
doing anything else (it is easy to get sidetracked!). Don't forget
that Pharos Subterra's three areas are also included!


User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#8
[ 21. Penelo - Plunderer ] (spd21)

Location: Center, sitting behind Vaan.

Text: "Penelo: Awarded for acquiring over 100000 gil, earning you the
title of Plunderer."

Reqs: Easy enough, just selling loot for bazaar items will net this one.


[ 22. Rasler - Conqueror ] (spd22)

Location: Left, just below Reks and right of Behemoth King.

Text: "Rasler: Awarded for learning every License, earning you the title
of Conqueror."

Reqs: Easy enough. The only catch is that you actually have to learn all
of the espers, as well. You can use Golden Amulet to double LP, too.


[ 23. Reks - Record Breaker ] (spd23)

Location: Top left, laying on the couch.

Text: "Reks: Awarded for obtaining over 500000 Clan Points, earning you
the title of Record Breaker."

Reqs: Easy. You'll get this just playing through the game and sidequests.


[ 24. Trickster - Sharpshooter ] (spd24)

Location: Top right, just under Gurdy.

Text: "Trickster: Awarded for defeating the Trickster, earning you the
title of Sharpshooter."

Reqs: Defeat Trickster (Rank V) Mark. Trickster is found in Paramina
Rift, Frozen Brook. You may have to enter repeatedly for this mark
to appear, but your companion will tell you about it once it spawns.
This mark is half invisible, so you'll have to get close to it
before it appears fully. You can choose to just beat the mark down
or reflect non-elemental spells off yourself. You can also use
Nihopaloa and Alarm Clock to put it to sleep, then use magic.


[ 25. Ultima - Fell Angel ] (spd25)

Location: Bottom left, just under Zodiark.

Text: "Ultima: Awarded for defeating Ultima, earning you the title of
Fell Angel."

Reqs: Ultima can be found in The Great Crystal, but there is no map
available in this area. Use the following map to guide you:

Ultima can be found at Crystal Peak, which is north of the save
crystal next to Waystone XIX. Ultima is an interesting fight,
you will be inflicted with a negative status field, which
rotates it's effects. The effects are HP sap, MP sap, No Attack,
No Items, No Magic, and No Technicks.

Ultima is weak to Dark, so plan your eqiupment and gambits
properly. She also uses Holjya, which can be absorbed by White
Mask. In fact, you'll want to use White Mask or Sage's Ring so
that she does not use Redemption, which is her strongest attack in
my opinion. The fight is not too hard, you just have to adjust your
attacking patterns when different effects come in. The only thing
your really need to watch out for is Ultima casting Reflectga on your
characters and then bouncing healing magics back on itself. If this
happens just throw on an Opal Ring and Dispelga yourself.


User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#9
[ 26. Vaan - Master Thief ] (spd26)

Location: Dead center, just above Mimic.

Text: "Vaan: Awarded for successfully stealing over 50 times, earning you
the title of Master Thief."

Reqs: Straightforward, and probably accomplished through normal gameplay
or when you work on getting some bazaar items.


[ 27. Vayne - Premier Prestidigitator ] (spd27)

Location: Top center, hiding behind the pillar.

Text: "Vayne: Awarded for using Technicks over 100 times, earning you the
title of Premier Prestidigitator."

Reqs: This should be accomplished easily enough through the game. With
just Steal and Libra alone you'll probably be fine, but I suspect
you'll also use Telekenesis and Charge during normal gameplay.


[ 28. Vossler - Jack-of-All-Trades ] (spd28)

Location: Right center. Left of Basch, also facing Gilgamesh.

Text: "Vossler: Awarded for learning every Technick, earning you the title
of Jack-of-All-Trades."

Reqs: Pretty straightforward. Just purchase and learn all Technicks.


[ 29. Yiazmat - Hunter Extraordinaire ] (spd29)

Location: Top left, right of Hell Wyrm.

Text: "Yiazmat: Awarded for defeating Yiazmat, earning you the title of
Hunter Extraordinaire."

Reqs: Defeat Yiazmat (Rank VIII), Elite Mark. Yiazmat is a tough fight,
mainly because he has extremely high HP (50 million!) and gets
harder as the fight goes on. You'll want to be a high level and have
very good equipment (and patience) before attempting this battle.

To prepare, make sure to grab a Dark weapon for every character.
The Orochi is easy to farm loot for, and if you are up to it you
can chain the rare game Bombshell in Lhusu Mines for the Yagyu
Darkblade. You'll also want the Masamune/Genji Gloves combination
for one of your attackers. Additionally, the Zodiac Spear and
Tournesol are very good weapons to use in this fight, but not
required. If you have them, use them instead of the Yagyu/Orochi.
For armor use Maxamillian, Magepower Shisak, and Bubble Belts (except
for Genji Glove user). Grabbing a single Shell Shield and three
Windbreakers also makes the fight quite a bit easier.

The basic strategy is to buff before you enter, have your gambits
setup so that all users have Arise, Curaja < 40%, and Chronos Tear
gambits. You should also have your weakest character use a For:any
Dispel gambit to remove buffs from Yiazmat. This is important
because he'll waste a number of turns re-casting Protect on himself
which gives you time to Arise your whole party and get back to
hacking away. One other thing you might want to do is set the Battle
Speed to highest, because Yiazmat has Zero Casting Time and you'll
get a lot more hits in that you would on slower speeds. It will
also speed the fight up so that you don't go out of your mind : )


User Info: tolerance0

9 years ago#10
Overall there is little strategy to beating Yiazmat using the
previous setup. Just beat him up as much as possible, heal and arise
when necessary, and so on. Use Shell Shield when he targets someone
with the death spell, and switch in Windbreakers when you see him
preparing Cyclone (be quick!). For the last 10 bars of his life
remove the Curaja gambit. This is for two reasons, 1) he will attack
so fast that it is not worth wasting time trying to heal, and
2) he might Reflectga your party, making you heal him massively.
The fight is long, but not too hard. Be patient and observant of
his spells and you should be able to take him down. Remember to
switch back to Maximillians after Cyclone, or you'll be taking
quite a bit of damage from his attacks.

One note, you can exit and re-enter the fight and his health will
be the same (unless you left while he had Regen, something that
should not happen with the Dispel gambit!). On re-entering he will
be fulled buffed, including Regen, so Dispel him ASAP! To make
the fight more bearable I suggest running back to the save point
every 25% of his bubbles. Like this you can cut the fight up into
smaller segments rather than playing for a few hours straight. It
also provides a net for you in case you lose so you don't have to
restart the entire thing.


[ 30. Zodiark - Zodiac Knight ] (spd30)

Location: Bottom left, just under Belias.

Text: "Zodiark: Awarded for defeating Zodiark, earning you the title of
Zodiac Knight."

Reqs: Defeat the esper Zodiark in the Henne Mines secret area. To access
this you must first get 10 espers, then talk to the Garif sitting
down in Jahara. Then go to Henne Mines, Zodiark is located in
Special Charter Dig, and the road to him is pretty treacherous.
If you are not strong enough to battle your way there then you can
use the Immobilize glitch to get rid of any enemies Just have a
single character immobilize himself, then bring in a second
character. Run with the second and anytime you see enemies switch
the leader back to the immobilized one. Now switch back to the
runner and the enemies near him/her will dissapear. A handy trick,
especially against the Etems and Necrophobes.

Zodiark is one of the hardest fights in FF12, but he can be beaten
if your equipment is good enough. Higher levels make it easier,
but it is mostly based on your equipment/buffs. The setup I used
was to buff my 3 main attackers with Hastega, Shellga, Protega,
Bravery, and buff the two main attackers with Berserk. The gambits
for the third (non-berserk) character should include Curaja,
Ensunaga, Arise, Shellga, Hastega, and Dispel. For equipment, use
hard hitting two hand weapons, preferrably with high combo rates
and Holy element (Excalibur is good here, as is Holy Lance). Strong
armor like Maximillian, Bubble Belt, etc is recommended. Also use
Black mask on 2/3 characters, and switch the third to Black Mask
as you see Zodiark readying Darkja, then remove it once the
attack is complete.

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