Necrohol of Nabudis and Nabreus Deadlands

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User Info: joan2468

9 years ago#1
I tried going into Necrohol of Nabudis and the Baknamys in the first hallway totally pwned my level 40 party, I was like "what the ******** " Same goes to Nabreus Deadlands. I heard it had strong monsters but I didn't know they were THAT strong, I thought I'd be able to handle them but they hit like 300 per hit and there's a lot of them.
How the heck am I supposed to get the Zodiac Spear? Do I have to wait until I'm higher level? Running away from all the monsters doesn't sound like a good idea here, they all hit hard as hell.
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User Info: Moonea

9 years ago#2
Buff yourself with Bubble/Protect/Shell/Regen/Float, and run one at a time through Nabudis. Get the Spear and hightail it out of there.
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User Info: kronieker

9 years ago#3
here ya go, that's how I did it:
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User Info: Joolsy

9 years ago#4
TC; A mad dash is what's required here!

You need to be quick and flee constantly if you are going to get in, grab the Spear & get out again in one piece.

Fortunately there are points on the levels (usually just after the zone-lines) where you can take a breather & heal/buff up for the next assault.

tbh I have never actually done it this way. I have always been at a sufficient level to take on the foes 1 or 2 at a time and make my way slowly through the Necrohol. This is a risky move though and can go very wrong when Oversouls and such start to make an appearance.

Good luck.

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User Info: Karimyo

9 years ago#5
you should be able to kill the baknamys when fighting two or three at the same side. Use blizzaga.

Wait til you get to the upper part of the great crystal or last part of lhusu mines or secret part of henne mines.....

User Info: grimmedslug

9 years ago#6
Bubble protect shell float reflect if you want.

Battle speed slowest, battle type wait.

One character at a time, rush towards the stairwell and hope for the best. YOU MUST KNOW WHERE EXACTLY YOU ARE HEADING. If you get lost most likely you'll die and start again. Make sure that in your path:

You DO NOT SEE ELVORETS in the first room. AT ALL. Elvorets means you are going to the Baknamy merchant which is totally the wrong way to go.

The first room is the worst, Baknamy's are highly aggresive, they spam fangs, use 0 CT moves and clog up spell queues with sandstorm if you are planning to fight through them. They also have vanish which makes it easy to underestimate them; from one enemy suddenly there's 4.

The second room is slightly easier. Baknamys no longer pose any problem once halfway across the room. However, that's no reason to let your guard down; revive all dead party members, buff up, MAD DASH. Just rush in and move quickly. Don't attempt to engage the Babils, with weak armour their waterga will chip off a nice section of your hp pool. Don't even hang around them; they like having haste on which makes the waterga come extremely quickly.

Third room, beware of zombie warlocks, cloying breath will stop one person in his tracks until he dies if you are weak. If such a thing happens, just hurry and bring in a new character, switch party leaders, and leave the other one behind, just make a rush for the chest. Although this is a much shorter room, remember that elvorets will be on your tail even as you pick up the chest, so watch yourselves, and remember which chest to take (second to your left, first group of 4 chests in front of you). You have high chance of losing a character while doing this if you are weak, because of the whole drawing your sword thing, so swap out fast if the character dies.

Back to the second room, rebuff and revive as per normal when entering the different rooms, mad sprint out all the way. One thing to note is that all the units here retain the buffs they casted on themselves on the first round through, so haste and bravery can prove a problem for enemy units (note: bravery is not casted, it's found automatically).


Good luck... Even after the Tomb of Raithwall with dragon armour and celebrant's miter it was still a pain to get the spear; I lost Vaan in the first room, the Baknamy's are the worst part of the whole journey.
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