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User Info: bilal456gt

9 years ago#1
need a lil help

which sword do u guys think is better

durandal or stoneblade

i know the durandal has attack of 99 while stoneblade is 95 but just wondering which one has a higher combo rate or better chance of hitting critical

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User Info: BlackLight22003

9 years ago#2
DeathBringers, they're free, easy to get, and kill enemies in 1 hit sometimes.
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User Info: bilal456gt

9 years ago#3
i already have 4 of them

i want a change :)
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User Info: Saint_Coyote

9 years ago#4
All one-handed swords have the same combo rates and cannot go critical (only ranged weapons can perform critical hits), though I prefer Stoneblade since Durandal looks absolutely foul.
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User Info: JonathanAlan721

9 years ago#5
That is too funny Saint_Coyote... I feel the exact opposite, Durandal looks better than the Stoneblade IMO... not to mention when I hear people talk about Deathbringer and how cool it looks, I just simply remain silent, thinking quietly, yeah it's the dorkiest thing I have ever seen...
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User Info: Zero X Buster

Zero X Buster
9 years ago#6
I prefer Durandal than Stoneblade.
But I usually used 2-handed weapon.
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User Info: finalfantastica

9 years ago#7
1H swords fail end game
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User Info: -Hax0r-

9 years ago#8
It's weird... you've got a swords with names like "Deathbringer", "Bastard Sword", "Diamond Sword", "Demonsbane", (basically all very powerful-sounding names) and then, the sword that is more powerful than all of them, the "Stoneblade" (a very weak name).
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User Info: Cheg71

9 years ago#9
i think stoneblade has better combo rate 'cause the lack of evasion

User Info: billygoten

9 years ago#10
i think stoneblade has better combo rate 'cause the lack of evasion

Nuh uh. 5% across the board.

I also think the Deathbringer looks hokey. It doesn't need a face on it, would've been a lot better.

I prefer the Stoneblade to the Durandal, but my favorite is the Demonsbane followed by the Blood Sword.

I also like the Icebrand, Zwill Blade, Ancient Sword, Lohengrin, and Runeblade. Platty and Diamond Sword I like at times, from the right angle.
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