Stones and Knots of Rust

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User Info: xXxDarkLord3xXx

9 years ago#1
What are they Stones for? ex. fire stone, earth stone, etc.
And I know that you can use Knots of Rust to deal damage, but do they have any other use?
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User Info: Lord Faust

Lord Faust
9 years ago#2
1. Sell.
2. No.
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User Info: xXxDarkLord3xXx

9 years ago#3
Los payasos comen los ninos.
And thats all there is to say...

User Info: ADYREL

9 years ago#4
Knots of Rust are used to make the Dark Matter item, and a certain Esper's ultimate attack stronger.
Dark Matter's deal damage to an enemy based on how much damage you have dealt with Knot of Rust items. So, add up all the damage dealt with every KoR item and divide it by something I think, and that's how much Dark Matter deals. It resets after use and you have to go bomb enemies with KoR again.
The Esper in question, whose name I'll not reveal to keep from spoiling anything, has a similar damage formula for it's Ultimate attack. Adds up all KoR damage and I believe, divides it by 5 to calculate the damage output of the attack. Resets after the attack is launched. The damage from it's other attack adds into the equation too.
So basically: Throw Knot of Rust at enemies instead of selling them.

The stones, as said above, have no use. Sell them to get some $$$.
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User Info: JonathanAlan721

9 years ago#5
Copied from Maltzsan's Game Mechaincs Guide.

Knot of Rusts and Dark Matters are a special category of non-elemental,
damage-dealing items. Although Knot of Rust itself is not very effective, each
time you use them, the damage of Dark Matter increases.

The damage of Knot of Rust is:

| DMG = Current HP / Random(1~10) | (CAP = 9999)

Note that some sources use MAX HP, instead of Current HP. From various in-game
testing I am now certain it is the current HP that counts. For example, when a
character has the Bubble status, the KoR damage will increase, although the
character's "base" MAX HP remains the same. (Thanks to Corvoid who confirmed
this.) While getting hurt, the damage of KoR also reduces accordingly.

The damage of Dark Matter is the sum of ALL Knot of Rusts you have used
previously, divided by 3.

| DMG = SUM (Knot of Rust DMG) / 3 + SUM (Devour Soul DMG) / 3 | (CAP = 60000)

The counter of Dark Matter resets to 0 after each use. As you can see, this
is a potentially very damaging attack, useful for dealing the final blow
of a tough enemy.

Note: Devour Soul is NOT Souleater (although they literally mean the same).
Devour Soul is a quite-regular attack of the Esper Shemhazai, with the
same effect as Knot of Rust. This Esper uses a special attack, Soul
Purge, which has the same effect as Dark Matter, and it resets the
counter to 0 as well. Shemhazai uses Soul Purge when (1) Summon Time
Remains < 10 seconds (2) HP < 30%. (Thanks to Red Star)

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