Removing disable?

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User Info: rat-boyJ

8 years ago#1
I got AOE by a mob that disabled all three of my characters, and therefore i could do nothing..Literally. including using items..

So is there a way out of that, or do you have to change members and then heal them..
Secondly if i replace my team with the other 3 and the mob uses the disable again WTF am i suppose to do lol....

User Info: Rush165

8 years ago#2
You have to either run from the battle and wait for the status effect to eventually go away, or switch out the characters and heal.
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User Info: EyesOfTheEmo

8 years ago#3
Fortunatly Disable's duration is relativily short compared to that of imobilize or stop. Simply switch 1 character in (who isnt disabled, do NOT switch in all 3 thats just asking to be AOE dissabled again) and have them use a remedy on the 2, then switch back in the still disabled and have your now disable free fighters remedy the situation.
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User Info: silverduchess

8 years ago#4
Use a Remedy with Remedy Lore 1, will remove Disable.
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User Info: joe603

8 years ago#5
I would put in a backup character with an accessory that prevents disable and heal the other 2. Kill the mob and be on my way...
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