Coolest weapon animations/stances?

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User Info: kah

7 years ago#1
Does anyone have any suggestions for which characters have the coolest animations/stances for particular weapon types? I don't necessarily care about the character's stats, just that they look cool with the weapon I give them.

User Info: RevolverSaro

7 years ago#2
I'm rather fond of Basch's axe/hammer stance
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User Info: Blazin_Twilight

7 years ago#3
Balthier w/ Poles is awesome.
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User Info: hacker16

7 years ago#4
I think Vaan's victory Spear stance is pretty cool
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User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
7 years ago#5

User Info: Phaild

7 years ago#6
Balthier with poles, Ashe with everything, Basch with bows and katanas.

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User Info: kah

7 years ago#7
Basch definitely looks cool with bows. I tried out Fran with poles and she looks good with them as well (Fran and a pole..hrmm...).

Anyways, I'm interested in their attack animations and stances, not their victory poses. Anyone know any other cool ones? I wish to god there was a compilation somewhere of them all so I could pick out my party -_-

User Info: Alias_Nemesis

7 years ago#8
the way Vaan spins his polearm (..meaning a pole lol) around his waist after hitting an enemy XD..very martial art-sy XD

User Info: Dark Wyvern

Dark Wyvern
7 years ago#9
Penelo with the Masamune

User Info: radiantdarkness

7 years ago#10
Gabranth's stance with both Chaosblade and Highway Star connected...
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