How do I get to Giruvegan? *Spoilers*

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User Info: Megidolaon

7 years ago#1
I checked the walkthroughs, but I still cant find the way.
I followed SOng's guide, but Feywood Glyph 2 is still inactive.

Could someone tell me step by step how to enter Giruvegan.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: The_Impure

7 years ago#2
Go to the Edge of Reason - go around to each of the glyphs trying to activate them until there's no change.

Go to the Icefield of Clearsight and do the same.

Go to the door, read the inscription, then summon Belias. He opens the door.

User Info: Megidolaon

7 years ago#3
This doesn't help at all >_>
Especially because the way to Edge of Reason only opens after clearing Icefield of Clearsight.

I said SOng's guide didn't work for me. I first killed all enemies (in Edge of Reason), then went straight for the gate and summoned Belias. After nothing happened, I looked into the guide and went to the glyphs in the right order, but 2 remained inactive.

I didn't leave the room though. Do I have to activate the glyphs in order without having gone to any of them prior to activation/out of order?

User Info: Jiruru

7 years ago#4
Make sure you're very careful about which order you go to the glyphs in, it's easy to get sidetracked.
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User Info: im_andrew

7 years ago#5
The following is taken from and credit goes to Beserker

~~ Ice Field of Clearsight ~~

Visibility is not too great here, so you'll see a bunch of silhouettes of
enemies before you actually run into them. Just like the last area, the
Preying Mantis will be lurking about quite numerously. Enter the northern
shrine and examine the pattern of the "Feywood Glyph" in the middle.

"In this sanctum shall the pilgrim find truth and illusion both. Illusion
betokens the true way"

In other words, you must stand in the middle of the glyph then move the camera
around to look at the different openings in the shrine. One of the openings
will have an image of a forest scene while the rest will only show the snow
outside. The opening with the illusion will lead you to the next shrine. Walk
through the opening and run toward the next shrine across from the current one.
Try not to let the enemies impede your path - run from them if necessary. You
can check your map to see which shrine to head to next or which shrine you have
already been to. The shrines with the glyphs will be marked with exclamation
points. Stand on the "Feywood Glyph" in the second shrine and find the
illusion path once again to get to the third shrine. You don't need to examine
it again.

Plan your attacks against the Behemoth enemies carefully since they will use
Bacchu's Wind to Berserk themselves when the reach HP critical status. Spam
them with Blizzaga and they will fall fast, but don't let them gang up too

~~ The Edge of Reason ~~

If you exited the area from the correct path up above your party will wind up
in this new area of shrines. The same shrine puzzle is here, but this time
there are a few more shrines. The starting shrine for this portion should be
in the middle. One of these shrines has three Behemoths guarding it so watch
your HP and Blizzaga them to death. In the middle of this area (to the west a
bit) there is a chest lying inside of a trap that may contain a Deathbringer
sword, an Ensanguined Shield, or something else, so you may want to give a try
- cast Float and walk over to it. There are actually three chests that spawn
in that one chest at times, so it may look like you're opening the same chest
three times. Find the correct path and journey to the other shrines to find a
door at the end. The door is labeled "Gate Gigas".

"Gigas summoner, gate's power is yours to claim. Beyond the one gate lies
sacred Giruvegan. Over the one gate the Gigas holds sway."

In a nutshell, you need to summon Belias near the gate then touch the gate
after examining it. Belias will do the rest.
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User Info: jackofblades34

7 years ago#6
TC, your answer is already in the game. If you cannot understand it I will be shocked to hear that. XD

"In this sanctum shall the pilgrim find truth and illusion both. Illusion betokens the true way"

Very simple when you think about it.
You cannot silence the truth!

User Info: Megidolaon

7 years ago#7
Thank you very much, I successfully arrived at Giruvegan.
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  3. How do I get to Giruvegan? *Spoilers*

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