How do I beat Roblon?

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User Info: deadman1206

7 years ago#1
I went up to it and managed to take out all the Dead Bones nearby with a big quickening. But then like 5 more appeared in the same area.

User Info: Panthera

7 years ago#2
Move very slowly through the area; the Dead Bones spawn repeatedly but not indefinitely. Enter, kill the Dead Bones nearby, give it a minute to let more spawn, take them out, move forward a bit, repeat. It's slow but effective. Alternatively, just rush straight up to Roblon immediately; you'll only have to deal with the Dead Bones that follow you up and the ones that spawn up there, and if you stay to one side of the top of the mountain you can avoid triggering any more spawning outside that area, cutting down how many you have to contend with at once. Then just attack Roblon, who is pretty damn weak on his own, and periodically fling some attacks at the Dead Bones to keep them under control. That's actually what I always do, just dash for Roblon and take him out as quick as possible.
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User Info: jackofblades34

7 years ago#3
XD I lol'd when I read TC's opening statement. Quickenings don't need to be used here. Kill any Dead Bones you see first. Then just focus on Roblon and kill any Dead Bones that spawn near you.

The most vital thing I think is to keep the Dead Bones under control.
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User Info: LordMagus

7 years ago#4
If it helps, you can use the Nihopaloa and Chronos Tears to inflict Stop on the Dead Bones. Helps keep them under control if you start getting swarmed.
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User Info: AZorro007

7 years ago#5
I think the "best" approach is to try eliminate all of the Dead Bones before attempting Roblon. It will take a while but most if not all of them can be whacked before taking on Roblon.

If you are diligent in your pursuit and elimination of the Dead Bones, a couple may spawn while your attacking Roblon but there should not be many, if any.

If one or two do appear, get rid of them quickly and then continue with Roblon would be my strategy,
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User Info: Xylarxcode

7 years ago#6
Actually, I just used the Niho+chronos tear trick to keep em under control. Just beat the living snot out of Roblon (it's really not a very big threat on it's own) and keep the skellies stopped as much as you can. I didn't lay a finger on any of the skeletons. If you don't kill them no new ones will spawn either.
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User Info: JusDo

7 years ago#7
Depending on where you are in the story, but i managed to get the Excalibur before fighting this guy and the battle went pretty smooth. If you can get a holy lance, get it.
Have one guy with reverse and decoy with equiped holy lance and obvious buffs and just have him attack dead bones. Have the other 2 attacking roblon and your good.
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