Final Fantasy XII savegame and memory editor

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User Info: _DTG_

6 years ago#1
Hi guys!
I have just finished FFXII Editor - a savegame/memory editor for Final Fantasy XII. For those who don't know there is also my previous work FFXII IZJS Editor for Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System at:
FFXII Editor enables you to do the following:
• Edit Gil, Clan Points.
• Activate all Gambits.
• Activate all Teleport destinations.
• Activate Espers on the License Board.
• Party editor. You can add/remove/replace characters in your party within 29 characters including Espers.
• Edit characters stats, equipment (includes extra equipment such as Omega Mark XII's laser beam weapon).
• Complete License Board editor. You can activate or deactivate any particular license.
• Gambit editor. Edit Gambits for characters including Guests and Espers. Also, it comes with extra Gambits and Actions that are unavailable through the game.
• Status Effects editor. Includes about 150 of various effects (immunes, weakness, absorb etc...).
• Equipment editor. You can add/remove any weapons, ammunition, armor, accessories.
• Item editor. Potions, Elixirs, Motes, etc...
• Loot editor.
• Ability editor. You can activate any Magicks or Technicks.
• Map editor. Ivalice maps and candles.
• Key Items editor. Monographs, keys, trophies, etc...
• Bazaar Goods editor. Activate any particular Bazaar item or reset History for already unlocked Bazaar Items so they can be reactivated by selling necessary loots in the game.
• Bestiary editor.
• Sky Pirate's Den editor.

Both FFXII Editor and FFXII IZJS Editor can be downloaded here:

Enjoy :)

User Info: wsmit99

6 years ago#2
What kind of file formats does your editor support? I have been looking for an editor which is compatible with Max Drive save files (*.max).

If so, thumbs up + download!
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User Info: _DTG_

6 years ago#3

Currently, my editor supports *.psu and raw savegame formats. But there are several tools that convert savegame files between various formats. They are MyMC, PS2 Save Builder, PS2SaveConverter, etc... You can find download and "How to use" links in Readme file of FFXII Editor.

User Info: ZERO369

6 years ago#4
There is also 2 bytes around at 01f8 after checksum that you can edit the story line
beautiful program

User Info: _DTG_

6 years ago#5

Thanks for the info man!
I'll play with the offset you gave me and maybe the next version of the editor will come with Storyline editor. :)

Btw, are you the author of these vids?

User Info: kimimi

6 years ago#6
Just out of interest, has anyone found any unused items/weapons while they were experimenting? There must be some secret goodies tucked away in there!
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6 years ago#7
yes he is the creator:)
Youtube: ff12NLBLLGler1

User Info: _DTG_

6 years ago#8

yeah, there are many weapons, items, key items, loots and gambits that cannot be obtained without hacks. but most of them are useless and buggy.

Have you checked the Youtube links right above your post? There are some hacked stuff on the videos.

User Info: wsmit99

6 years ago#9

I tried your editor and it works great! It's still quite a chore to convert files into the *.max format, but once I figured it out it doesn't take too much time.

Changing your characters' level to 99 without tweaking stats is useless though, since these aren't updated automatically by the game. I have put about a 100 hours in this game, but never really got into the story. So, I was planning on creating a hacked save with characters at lvl 99 to breeze through the story. Is there some resource where you can find the natural limits of your characters' stats at lvl 99?

Thanks and nice editor, dude!
... Yeah, I owned a NES...... and yes I played Super Mario Bros and Duckhunt ...
...I know, I'm getting too old to play video games...

User Info: Tethealla

6 years ago#10

Search "stat growth & experience"
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