Why people hates this game?

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User Info: Demonic_Essence

5 years ago#11
There is a certain kind of Intelligence required for this game......thats why, they dont know how to gambit just like when everybody hated 8 cuz they didnt know how to junction.
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User Info: ShinGouken

5 years ago#12
MidgardDragon99 posted...
The story is incredibly straightforward to the point of being boring

I hate to come down on you like a ton of bricks but this is complete nonsense.

It might appear to be nothing more than a princess trying to reclaim her kingdom, but there is a level of complexity that adds another layer to the game.

I've talked about the decision Ashe must make before but i'll run through it again quickly. After the Dawn shard destroys one of the empire's fleets of air ships, Ashe makes a huge speach about how she will cut down the enmies of Dalmasca and get her revenge on the empire. But when confronted with the Sun Cryst, she chooses NOT to take her revenge. Watch the cutscenes more carefully and you'll find that every scene she's in, has a character sharing an experience with her, guiding her or teaching her something which will ultimately affect that decision.

But let's look at that decision a little more closely.

On the one hand, is Vayne. He went to war with the surrounding nations as a deliberate tactic to draw out the Occuria into choosing a champion so that it could lead him to the Sun Cryst where he could then destroy it. He has good intentions. He wants to hand the races of Ivalice the power to control their own fate and cut their ties to the gods. As the new Dynast King, he would try to create a better Ivalice.

On the other hand are the Occuria. They used to live among the other races of Ivalice and at that time there was always peace. However, when they withdrew, Ivalice fell into war and chaos and the Occuria chose a man who would unite the races and bring peace back to Ivalice (Which the Dynast King did, bringing peace for over 500 years) Now they fear a similar fate for Ivalice and are trying to straighten the path to bring peace again.

Both sides are trying to create a better world, and both sides will kill thousands of people to achieve it. However, there is no certainty that Vayne can maintain peace on Ivalice and without the Occuria, he takes a huge risk. The Occuria have proven that they can bring peace to Ivalice and unless absolutely necessary they do not otherwise intervene. But either way you look at it, destroying the Sun Cryst means siding with Vayne, while taking it's power means siding with the Occuria. How many stories could so delicately place the player in a position where they are choosing a side between two villians who aren't even really villians when you look at their intentions.

That's without all the War strategy goin on with Archadia, Rozzaria and the reistance, Ashes journey to overcome her lust for power and desire for revenge, and the house of solidor vs the senate in archadia. Straightforward? Sit yourself back down
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User Info: durandal_xii

5 years ago#13
so i herd u liek mudkipz? Fair enough? Make sense? Thought so ...

Folks, there just ain't any real haterz left. The juveniles have moved on from xii (or even FF in general) to hate something else, leaving the cognoscenti to enjoy this fine game, which time has not wearied.

On the other hand, FF has seen better days (still waiting for xiii-2 to reach 20% of retail - not long now) but that's another topic entirely.
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User Info: ryudo500

5 years ago#14

stops after leviathan

User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

5 years ago#15
^ keep on trolling brother <_<

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User Info: verylatebloomer

5 years ago#17
SubTonic14 posted...
and I even felt a hint of sympathy for Ashe.

i feel a hint of sympathy for Ashe's boots.

seriously, i've had her truckin' around in those knee-highs for 700 hours, through desert heat, pouring rain, damp sewers, steamy jungles, ice and snow, and now through mangrove-ridden swamps! those things got to be naaaasty.

well, at least she's keeping the other area that could get pretty stanky nice and aired out, eh?
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User Info: ryudo500

5 years ago#19
subtonic just crushed it. i agree with him

User Info: DViper97

5 years ago#20
Machines of Dog said: "^ keep on trolling brother <_< Faram."

@Machines of Dog: LMAO! That was good! Thanks for the lolz, my man!

When I first started posting on the XII boards, I remember a discussion going on about the fact that one of the things that irked many players was XII's pacing. I find it interesting that both XII and XIII, have pacing issues. It bugs me less in XIII, but in XII, even I have to admit that it tends to drag a points. That said, I don't think it's a huge detriment to the game, as there is much to do outside the main storyline.

Honestly, the initial fan reception to XII is yet another example of the fanbase writing a game off, yelling at the top of their lungs about everything that's wrong with it (to the point of absurdity), and then coming back to the game years later. It's at that point that I think SOME players actually attempt to give the FF in question a fair shake. It happened with VIII. It happened again with XI. It happened yet again with XII. And lo and behold, it's now happening with XIII. Hell, once 2.0 hits, this will happen again with XIV, although in a weird way. Ya know, since SE actually did drop the ball on that one, big time.

How much ya'll want a bet we'll see the EXACT same cycle happen with FF XV, or better yet, Versus XIII?
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