Which story bosses gave you trouble your first time around? (spoilers)

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  3. Which story bosses gave you trouble your first time around? (spoilers)

User Info: MParkerStone

5 years ago#1
and don't say they were all easy. unless, of course, they were all easy.

for me this was definitely a different experience compared to the other FFs, and i had a tough time with quite a few (most?) early-mid game bosses:

Judge Ghis (don't laugh)
Enraged Vossler (i said don't laugh)
Mateus (hell of a time taking out those helpers, the boss itself was weak but my MP was typically drained by that point)
Judge Bergan, 'til i figured out i could blind him
Mandragoras (friggin' status effects, and stop running away you little bastards)
Doctor Cid (hardest fight in the game for me, in the end was the only time i used endless quickening cheese cuz i concluded that my equipment kinda blew and i really didn't want to load my save outside Draklor)

after Cid it seemed like the game got easier, the only tricky spots for me were Gabranth in the Bahamut (first time fighting him he was comboing me to death at the end and spamming his special over.and.over) and Vayne Novus, who seemed to get subtly tougher once you were close to beating him. Ghis and those Mandragoras were kinda painful for me cuz of the lack of a save point near them.

bosses i was surprised didn't give me much trouble: Tiamat and the Elder Wyrm.

so, how 'bout you

User Info: Kafiezal

5 years ago#2
From what I can remember I had trouble with :

Garuda (I was all melee)
Demon Wall 1 (I didn't know you could run from him)
Elder Wyrm (the green guy in Golmore yes?)

That's all I can recall. Dealing with mobs in the Great Crystal were a pain in the butt too.

User Info: Shinra_Tensei

5 years ago#3
None of them :/
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User Info: buppyspek

5 years ago#4
I had similar problems my first time through.

- Judge Ghis
- Judge Bergan
- Mandragoras
- Dr Cid (at Draklor)
I think I remember having problems with Elder Wyrm, too, and that boss in Giruvegan before you enter the Great Crystal (totally blanking on its name).

This time through the game, I only had problems with the Mandragoras and Cid (though each battle only resulted in 1 game over - sometimes I guess I need to go in there to remind myself what the bosses are capable of so I can go back and refine my strategy).

User Info: verylatebloomer

5 years ago#5
cuchulcainn was a *****! dealing with that sapping field, and getting sap layered on (not realizing that made hp deplete double fast!) and trying to do it early per the Split faq.

similarly cluckatrice, but just from being a noob.

i think those mega-flans in the sewers were rough the first time, too. orthros...and...uh...other big flan.

and lastly the upper great crystal. killing mobs, slay the esper, "gee, this is cake!" go hit the switch and move up...BAM! whoa! i just been mobbed and slain by fast 2K dmg hits coming from all directions! those shadonir, reapers, and mom bombs were a surprise i'll say! absolutely no clue that enemies are suddenly gonna be a dozen levels harder!
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User Info: MParkerStone

5 years ago#6
^i wasn't thinking optional stuff. i feel like i can't fairly evaluate it cuz i did the espers/elite marks endgame. other than Zodiark Zeromus was tough 'til i split my characters between him and the infinite undead, and Ultima seemed like a pain the first time she merked me with Holyja what seemed like every second, so i said "screw it" and threw on White Masks the next time.

that dinosaur mark you fight outside Pharos was kinda annoying too

User Info: loz_64

5 years ago#7
The only bosses who gave me trouble of the main story were Demon Wall part 1 (I was determined to kill it, but I managed to do it) and Evil Vossler (only because I was not prepared for him).
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User Info: MParkerStone

5 years ago#8
yeah i don't see how i could've finished Vossler off without a quickening, he was murdering me in Enrage mode.

i actually got stuck for a bit toward the end of Raithwall for whatever reason and thought, hmmm maybe i have to kill that wall even though they suggested you run...typically took off about a fourth (if that) and was all WTF? think i ended up looking up that you didn't have to fight it. but then i tried to fight Ba'Gamman & co. too, cuz i thought Balthier's advice meant you should kill one or two of 'em and then run...game was all "see you at the beginning of the mines again *****!"

User Info: ShionJrCitrine

5 years ago#9
Up to now
Lhusu Mines Ba' Gammon and co: a little tough, but I knew an extra 5(lv 18 is ok) or so levels were necessary.

Tomb of Raithwall's first Wall: Got ~25 Game overs, but finally beat him at lv 34 with a 5-way Quickening combo with 3 characters that have Quickenings. What I really like about the Wall boss is that he really test your skills. So I just used the Quickening which took around 8k damage and then used Knots of Rust , unless he was casting a spell, then one has to attack. It was tough deciding what weapon to use though: a bow or an axe.

User Info: xylophone2

5 years ago#10
Ghis, Tiamat, and Cid 2 are the only ones I can think of having a hard time with.
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