Traps -- Move / find Item

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User Info: Rikufan7

5 years ago#1
So traps have been around for a while, and they are usually annoying. However, there's almost always been the silver lining of a great item for those brave souls willing to seek them out, using a move/ find item ability. Why would there not be one in this game?

User Info: Hozu

5 years ago#2
Well some traps are healing traps... But other than that... idk. Big deal?

User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
5 years ago#3
One game (FF Tactics) does not equal "almost always". Traps are traps, there doesn't need to be any silver lining. Although it happens that there is, they're called Rejuvenation traps.
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User Info: ZekuMusashi

5 years ago#4
There are plenty of traps in areas with / surrounding valuable chests, so, in a way, Libra / Float are this game's "Move-Find Item" abilities.
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