The Most Efficient Quickening Method

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User Info: slipd2

5 years ago#1
I’m very thankful for the Quickening Guide here for the “Getting The Most Out Of Your Charges” section, but halfway through the game, I realized that the advice given in this section is NOT the most efficient way to get the most out of your charges with Quickenings, and the method can be made more than twice as efficient. It’s not that hard to figure out, so I’m sure someone else has figured this out as well, but since I couldn’t find it in the FAQs here (after a very cursory skim), I thought I’d share:

1) We start off as stated in the Quickening Guide: switch out all party members except for one (we’ll call him/her P1), then perform a full Quickening chain with P1, using up all his/her mist charges.

2) Bring in one more party member (called P2), perform a level 1 quickening with P2, and DO NOT USE P2 DURING THE QUICKENING CHAIN. ONLY USE P1. That is, we start the chain with P2’s level 1 quickening, then keep shuffling for P1’s “Mist Charge”, then do some quickenings with ONLY P1, completely ignoring that P2 is there.

3) After this second quickening chain, you’ll notice that P2 still has 2 mist charges left, because you did not use P2 in the second quickening chain. So, repeat step 2 one more time, completely ignoring P2 to perform a third quickening chain. Finally, use BOTH P1 and P2 with P2’s final mist charge to perform your fourth quickening chain (remember, there’s no need to ignore P2 for this final mist charge, USE P2!). After you’re done with your fourth quickening chain, bring in one more party member (called P3).

4) Perform a level 1 quickening with P3, and DO NOT use P3 during the quickening chain. Only use P1 and P2, and completely ignore P3. Repeat this procedure for P3’s second mist charge, then use all P1, P2, and P3 with P3’s third mist charge. After P3’s all done, switch P3 for a fourth character that has a new set of three mist charges.

5) Repeat step 4 three more times for the last three characters.

The entire flow should go like this:
LEGEND: parenthesis around a player’s name means that this character is in the party, but NOT participating in the quickening chain.

Chain 1: P1
Chain 2: P1, (P2)
Chain 3: P1, (P2)
Chain 4: P1, P2
Chain 5: P1, P2, (P3)
Chain 6: P1, P2, (P3)
Chain 7: P1, P2, P3
Chain 8: P1, P2, (P4)
Chain 9: P1, P2, (P4)
Chain 10: P1, P2, P4
Chain 11: P1, P2, (P5)
Chain 12: P1, P2, (P5)
Chain 13: P1, P2, P5
Chain 14: P1, P2, (P6)
Chain 15: P1, P2, (P6)
Chain 16: P1, P2, P6

Conclusion: The Quickening Guide’s method allowed six sets of quickening chains, with 1 one-character chain, 1 two-character chain, and 4 three-character chains. Instead, with the above method, we get 16 sets of quickening chains with the following breakdown: 3 one-character chains, 9 two-character chains, and 4 three-character chains. With a good eye and a little luck, 16 concurrences doesn’t seem too farfetched.

Hopefully that wasn’t too hard to follow, especially since I’m sure others have already figured this out considering how old this game is (or maybe even figured out an even more efficient Quickening method?). Let me know if there’s anything I can clarify.

User Info: slipd2

5 years ago#2
Forgot to mention that since Quickening damage is determined by a character's STR, ensure that P1 is the character with the highest STR, and P2 with the second-highest STR to maximize damage.

User Info: ZekuMusashi

5 years ago#3
On the topic of maximizing Quickenings and stuff, does STR from equipment factor into the damage formula?
How about Battle Lores? Does enemy DEF and / or Expose have any effect?

(Sorry if that info is easily found, I came up empty skimming through the Quickening and Game Mechanics Guides.)
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User Info: slipd2

5 years ago#4
Battle Lores should do the trick since they directly add to a character's STR, but I don't know anything about the rest. The easiest way would be to just test it yourself if you don't get any answers here. For example, I'd really really like to know if the Focus license has any effect on the quickenings (i.e. if a character's at 100% HP, do they get more STR, and therefore do more quickening damage?). I'll probably just be testing it myself when I get the chance, unless a good soul here happens to give the answer before then =)

User Info: slipd2

5 years ago#5
Whoops, nevermind. I guess there's no real way to "test" this damage since the damage is so random, "DMG = RANDOM(1~POW) x RANDOM(1~STR)".

But at the very least, I'm going to assume that quickenings ignore defense because the formula doesn't include defense. So no, I don't think expose is necessary. Also, I remember doing good quickening damage to white mousse, which is good at physical defense.

And oh wow, I didn't read about that 47-hit quickening trick in the Game Mechanics FAQ before. Oh well, too late now.

User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

5 years ago#6
lol nabs
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