Perfect Game Part 6

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User Info: verylatebloomer

4 years ago#111
ugh. haven't gotten any play time in a week or so. last thing i did, got the colored bottles so i could start the matamune quest. thinking i'll start the deadlands farming next; gonna take a good bit of planning stuff out. not sure whether i'll use the baknamy merchant to sell without chain-breaking during it, or if that'll just be too much of an out-of-the-way hassle.
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User Info: sincronisity84

4 years ago#112
Hi guys, didnt play last couple of days and wont play this whole week, maybe more.

Tournesol loots are at 3/4, thats all i have to share.
I 'll continue as soon as I can.

Happy farming!!!
"Its a poor sort of memory that only work backwards"

User Info: Player2300

4 years ago#113
I have a photographic memory and can remember a lot of stuff.

User Info: ShinGouken

4 years ago#114
This whole week has been very stubborn with the DA treasures, but even so they're creeping ever higher. I just bought the last of the weapons available in Rabanastre...

Hornito x 98 (568,400)
Giant Stonebow x 99 (594,000)
Slasher x 99 (594,000)
Avenger x 99 (594,000)
Paramina Crossbow x 98 (646,800)
Ras Algethi x 99 (693,000)
Sakura-Saezuri x 99 (693,000)

Gil Spent - 4,383,200
Total Gil Spent - 21,838,900

Rabanastre weapons cost me nearly 22million but there are only about 45 remaining weapons left to buy because Rabanastre stocked over 70 weapons. Made a start on the Rabanastre armour...

Leather Cap x 97 (9,700)
Leather Clothing x 98 (9,800)
Cotton Cap x 95 (9,500)
Cotton Shirt x 99 (9,900)
Headgear x 97 (19,400)
Chromed Leathers x 95 (19,000)
Magick Curch x 99 (19,800)
Light Woven Shirt x 98 (19,600)
Leather Helm x 97 (48,500)
Leather Armour x 99 (49,500)
Escutcheon x 90 (27,000)
Headguard x 98 (29,400)
Leather Breastplate x 83 (24,900)
Pointy Hat x 96 (28,800)
Silken Shirt x 99 (29,700)
Bronze Helm x 97 (67,900)
Bronze Armour x 96 (67,200)
Leather Shield x 84 (50,400)
Leather Headgear x 98 (49,000)
Bronze Chestplate x 99 (49,500)
Topkapi Hat x 99 (49,500)
Kilimweave Shirt x 99 (49,500)
Sallet x 97 (97,000)
Scale Armour x 98 (98,000)
Buckler x 98 (98,000)
Horned Hat x 98 (68,600)
Ringmail x 97 (67,900)
Calot Hat x 99 (69,300)
Shepherds Bolero x 99 (69,300)
Iron Helm x 75 (105,000)
Iron Armour x 95 (133,000)

Gil Spent - 1,474,300
Total Gil Spent - 23,313,200
Gil remaining - 50,085,454

My inventory is starting to look really nice. I'm saving my next inventory video until after i hit over 2400 hours (so in about 30 hours of gametime) Hopefully Clan Points will have maxed by then (sitting on 98.4 million)
FFXII Perfect game Inventory at 2200+ Hours -

User Info: PureReen

4 years ago#115
I know, I haven't played for a few weeks now, somehow completely lost my motivation back then...
Started again a few days ago and I really enjoy it right now. But I'm just about to start farming broken spears. There isn't any better place than from the skull warriors in raithwalls tomb, right? Looks like this will take quite some time.
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User Info: Player2300

4 years ago#116
I haven't played in weeks either, I blame Resident Evil Outbreak File 2!
I have a photographic memory and can remember a lot of stuff.

User Info: ShinGouken

4 years ago#117
Bronze Shield x 95 (114,000)
Balaclava x 98 (98,000)
Windbreaker x 96 (96,000)
Wizards Hat x 99 (99,000)
Wizards Robes x 99 (99,000)
Barbut x 73 (138,700)
Round Shield x 98 (156,800)
Soldiers Cap x 92 (128,800)
Heavy Coat x 98 (137,200)
Lambent Hat x 94 (131,600)
Chanters Djellaba x 99 (138,600)
Winged Helm x 57 (142,500)
Chainmail x 98 (245,000)
Green Beret x 97 (184,300)
Survival Vest x 98 (186,200)
Feathered Cap x 86 (163,400)
Travellers Vestment x 95 (180,500)
Golden Helm x 82 (262,400)

Gil Spent - 2,702,000
Total Gil Spent - 26,015,200
Gil remaining - 50,005,029

All this spending is making me a very happy perfect gamer ^_^ it's really helping to keep me motivated. I've been on Cerobi forever and i've still got a long way to go so it was a really good choice to start spending gil here. I'm too lazy to post the full list of DA treasures so i'll just give you a quick look. Grand Bolts are on 88 so it won't be too long before they max. A few items are over 70 now and everything is above 50 except for Icecloud Arrows which are on 49 and Shell Shields which are lagging a bit on 46.
FFXII Perfect game Inventory at 2200+ Hours -

User Info: JolosGhost

4 years ago#118
I admire your perseverance, man. Now go out and win the Olympics. Seriously, I don't think there's anything you can't do if you've gotten this far with this file.

User Info: ShinGouken

4 years ago#119
Thanks ^_^

I've come too far to quit now and i'll soldier on until the very end =)
FFXII Perfect game Inventory at 2200+ Hours -

User Info: Zalagren

4 years ago#120
I'd be hard pressed to find a more enormous waste of time. I can't believe this is a thing.

If you live to average male life span for the US/Europe(76-80), and sleep for about 8 hours each will have wasted ~0.7% of your entire waking life on this at 2400 hours. This, of course, is not taking into account any research time or loads.

Going by your current age(I assume you're somewhere in the 18-30 range), that means anywhere from ~1.7%(30 years old) to ~3.0%(18 years old) of your current waking life has been wasted on this project.

The most relevant stat of all, though, would be that since FF12's release on October 31st, have spent 10% of your life from then until now playing this perfect save file. If you bought the PAL version, February 23rd 2007...that would be about 11% of your waking life from then to now. This is assuming you started your perfect save file from day one, which I think it is safe to assume you did not. So the % is actually higher than that.

TL;DR: You have spent 1/10th of your waking life in the past 6 years doing this. I think I can safely say that this has gone beyond something "fun" or "interesting" and gone over into something not only obsessive, but unhealthy. Having that much time spent on an utterly inane task has to be some kind of sign of a mental problem. And I say that seriously, not as an insult.

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