Anyone else here HATE what FF is turning into?

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User Info: RevenantThings

5 years ago#21
Final Fantasy, more than anything, has been about changing the game. There's no difference from when the series first started. This topic is stupid.
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User Info: ShinGouken

5 years ago#22
RevenantThings posted...
Final Fantasy, more than anything, has been about changing the game. There's no difference from when the series first started. This topic is stupid.

This topic is stupid

But FFXIII was still sh**.
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User Info: RevenantThings

5 years ago#23
Haven't played it yet. I'll get around to it eventually and have no expectations one way or the other.
What troubled sleep have you known, to speak of my dreams? No matter how sweet, a dream left unrealized must fade into day - Wiegraf, FFT:tWotL

User Info: Deletron

5 years ago#24
I thought the PS2 installments were nice, but I really want to see another classic-style game with four party members in battle and all that jazz. It's been too long since FFIX.
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User Info: DViper97

5 years ago#25
I've learned that one of the defining characteristics of Final Fantasy, from 1988's FF II, till 2012/ '13's XIV: ARR, is constant change. You know what I find amazing about this, specifically in terms of Final Fantasy? *doesn't equip FF II Flame Equipment*

Even after 25 years of each individual entry changing, modifying, reinventing, refining, sometimes even reestablishing itself, there remains one constant. Final Fantasy is always Final Fantasy. I say that with 100% conviction.

From FFX onwards, I have never had as much fun playing and becoming immersed in an FF game as I do now.

I find XI's Job System to be both the deepest, and most intriguing version I've ever used. I find Vana D'iel to be one of the most lovingly crafted worlds to ever come out of Squaresoft. It's so full of history that it's almost overwhelming at times. It amazes me that that whole game was designed around getting the players directly involved in understanding the basics of how Vana D'iel works.

I'm a big fan of XII's ADB and Licence Board. It has my favorite implementation of weapons in any RPG I've ever played. Also, I blame XII for getting me hooked on in-game databases, as I'm a big, big fan of it's bestiary. Speaking of, XII was, and to me still is, one of the finest examples in FF of true diversity in monster design. To this day, I am in awe of the level of work put into even the subtle differences amongst enemies of the same species.

FF XIII possesses one of my absolute favorite soundtracks, period. Even without Uematsu, I think FF is in great hands with Hamazu. XIII has one of my favorite Sci-Fi settings in an RPG. Also, the pacing of the first 9 chapters is my favorite in the series. Yes, I am a fan of the datalog. Just as with XII's bestiary, and even XI's Vana D'iel Tribune, on occasion I pop XIII in just to read the entries. Love that stuff.

To me, SE has really honed their ability to make whole worlds for their games, not just an incredibly well realized setting. After FF XI, I noticed SE started bringing forth a heretofore unprecedented level of depth to the worlds they create. While I agree that much of the approach taken with XIII runs contrary to this, I do think that both XII, and eventually XIV (from what I've seen and played) are a direct result of this. On some level, I think even the linearity of XIII is well served by the lessons SE's learned since XI.

TL:DR?= While FF has certainly changed over the years, I'm not jaded/ cynical enough of a person to think it's all been to the series' detriment, not even close. No. I absolutely do not hate "what FF is turning into", whatever that means.

This fanbase needs to wake the hell up and take a good look a just what series they've been playing all these years. Not only is the Final Fantasy series, and all its myriad incarnations, quite diverse: So. Is. Its. Fanbase. Fact.

After 25 years in existance, it seems pretty clear that Final Fantasy was never fated to be defined by merely one axiom, but by many.

After FF XIII, you be hard pressed to convince me that everyone who disliked, and/ or hated, it honestly gave the game a chance. It wasn't that long ago that XII was in the same situation....think about that.
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(message deleted)

User Info: DViper97

5 years ago#27
ignasia7 posted...
Viper...I suggest reading other posts before lumping everyone participating in the topic together.

That said, yes this topic is stupid, it's a stupid thing to complain about. If you don't like FF going in the direction it's always been going, which is new systems, sometimes just minor tweaks, but othertimes major shifts and revamps (even though not one main-series game has yet to break from the Turn-Based system). Still, it's fun to discuss.

I wasn't targeting those in in this thread, or even on this board, specifically. The FF fanbase, at large, is who my post was intended for.

In all truthfulness Ingnasia, after years of seeing the same cluster **** of endless, wanton, excessive hating and complaining about damn near each new FF; if anything, I hate what the FF fanbase is turning into.

What's more, I genuinely fear the damage it could do to this series. I'm not in any way saying everyone has to like each entry, or even just the ones I, or the more vocal parts of the FF community like. What bugs the living bajeezus out of me, is the fact that there's SO much negativity (from all sides). and very little genuine want to actually give these newest entries the honest chance they deserve.

You want to know what frustrates me the most? The utter lack of difference between the cycle FF XII went through, and the cycle XIII/ XIII-2 are going through, and the fact that so many people absolutely refuse to see just how ironic and sad the whole thing is, if they see it at all.

I can't be the only one who, lurked around the XII boards, shortly after the game's western launch. It was the same damn thing XIII is going through now. Yet, now, I see all this praise and clear headedness about XII. Something that should have, and in all honesty, could have been there from the beginning. Nothing has changed about XII or IZJS, since their launches. No miracle happened that suddenly made these game anything more than what they originally were. The change has less to do with the games, and IMO, everything to do with us.

Given the talk that went around about XII, for years on end, you'd have thought that it was the absolute worst thing to happen to FF. I am happy as all hell to finally see XII getting some respect, instead of the rampant, excessive negativity it used to get, ad nauseum.

My question is, why the hell did it take us, as a community, 6 years to get to this point? Why couldn't we have these types of discussions even 3 years after XII came out? What was so wrong about openly praising XII 4-5 years ago, or calling it your favorite this/ that, in the series, without getting yourself and others insulted for several posts straight?

Anyways, Ingnasia, my previous post was not intended as an attack on anyone, but, like this post, a challenge to the FF fanbase as a whole. A challenge to take an honest look at itself, and what it's turning into. As a last note, I agree, these types of discussions are fun, and I think, necessary. It helps bring understanding, as long as it doesn't turn into the usual, infamous FF hate-a-thon, the FF fanbase has become increasingly known for.

Admittedly, this frustration is likely the result of time spent at the XIII-2 boards. Holy Saint's Mother of Perl that place is toxic....
Lobbing more "Human Resources" at enemies, than Troy Baker uses Steelguard.
(message deleted)


5 years ago#29
The only thing truly wrong with XIII is the story/characters/script. The gameplay is pretty up for debate, but anything story related?? It's not even a matter of opinion. It's a terrible mess. Really what saved it for me was the graphics. No one can deny they're gorgeous.

But really, the fact that it's only saving grace was graphics is a downright travesty. The characters were downright offensive to me. They were all shonen anime archetypes, as though the key demographic for the game was made up of 10 year olds. I wanted to slap each and every person with a speaking role. Cept the black dude (forgot hsi name damnit). I liked him, god knows that game needed some comedic relief.

IMO XII was the last game square did right (besides FFTA2). I'm guessing it was in dev before squeenix was created, that;s why it still has charm. But I'm probably wrong.

I actually hated the direction they started to go when X cam out and they made XI an MMO. Only very recently have I came to appreciate X. The voice acting is still horrible though imo (what made me dislike it in the first place, and there being no overworld - and NO, previous games were not linear! sidequests (that didn't suck) everywhere, hellloooo).

So yes, I hate what FF has turned into. I've had a theory for a long time that XIII was simply a test game for the engine used in IV, which was to be the real money maker. That didn't turn out so well lol.

I'm not even going to look into versus. I'll get it if it turns out to be AWESOME and is on GFAQS top ten for several months straight and everyone loves it. Otherwise.... I don't play new Square games anymore. It's.... a bit depressing D: - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: kenff6

5 years ago#30
I still don't understand the argument that XIII has a poor story and I don't think I ever will. The story in XIII is awesome and the highlight of the game for me. Yes, the story seems to fall apart a bit at the end, but overall the story is very strong.

Hope's hatred of Snow was done exceptionally well. I absolutely loved seeing the tension build and lead to the ledge dangling scene. Very powerful scene.
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