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User Info: Zeronic007

5 years ago#1
I have played trough this game 3 times. Each time using the same team, Vaan, Basch (VON RONSCHENBURG) and Lady Ashe. Vaan is always the spear user. Bash gets the 2 hander and Ashe gets the Katana.
I have beated Yaizmat the old fashioned way with these weapons but I never really know who is the best with what weapon.
Keeping the ultimate 3 weapons in mind (Zodiac spear, Tournesol and Masamune) which 3 characters would be the best users?

User Info: SwordStealer

5 years ago#2
If I remember, Katanas tend to be more magick oriented than the other 2, so I would give that to Ashe, assuming (and hoping) she's your main mage/healer.

I really have no recommendation on the other 2. *shrug*

I suppose you could give the Masamune to your main damage dealer + Genji Gloves and tear everything up.
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User Info: Zeronic007

5 years ago#3
I always have main damage dealers. Eventually I fill the license board anyways so I am looking for the highest damage output character per weapon ;)

User Info: WhirligigJr

5 years ago#4
Vaan has the better vitality and magic stats, as opposed to Basch, so you should give him weapons that take advantage of that.

User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

5 years ago#5
with high levels and those sort of weapons you're totally OP whoever you use

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User Info: Galaxilli

5 years ago#6
For general use, 3 Zodiac Spears is better than what you have in mind.

Also, Vaan is the best Masamune user due to his strength and magic stats, Basch is the best for Zodiac Spear and Tournesol due to his strength stat.

If you want to spread the damage out the best, it would be:
Vaan: Masamune
Basch: Tournesol
Ashe: ZS

But 3 Zodiac Spears is still better for general use. (For Yiazmat, 2 Masamunes)

User Info: Zeronic007

5 years ago#7
Yeah, but Vaan seems to be the best in about anything. The only exception would be a magic weapon such as the mace. And I am not planning on using 3 zodiac spears (I keep the one from the necrohol of Nabudis.

User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
5 years ago#8
The stat differences between the characters are very small, you shouldn't worry about it. Who has the best attack animation is a better criteria, really, like Fran with daggers.
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User Info: Zeronic007

5 years ago#9
So, saying that. What characters would give the ultimate damage output?
So Fran: Dagger, Penelo: Pole or something etc.

User Info: Galaxilli

5 years ago#10
It depends on the enemy.

Weak enemies: Danjuro is the best
Stronger enemies: (less than 10,000 HP): Zodiac Spear
Stronger enemies: (less than 20,000 HP): Masamune
Stronger enemies: (less than 500,000 HP & non-holy immune/absorb): Wyrmhero Blade
Yiazmat: 2 Masamunes

For the weakest enemies, one hit from the strongest weapons will KO them. Thus charge time determines the best weapons. Danjuro has the fastest charge time.

For stronger enemies not defeated in one hit with the Danjuro, but still in one hit by the ZS, the ZS is the best.

For stronger enemies which require more hits, the Masamune is better at 1% HP and Genji Gloves due to massive damage boost at low HP and high combo chance & length.

For even stronger enemies, the Wyrmhero Blade is best at 1% HP and Genji Gloves. Although it has a slower charge than the Masamune, it completes its 12 hit combos very much faster than the Masamune, in addition to dealing massively more damage per hit. Overall, it does damage more quickly, and is the best equipment for defeating the final boss in the fastest time. I've defeated the final boss in 9 seconds using 1 Wyrmhero Blade & 2 Masamunes & Dark Matter. The Wyrmhero Blade did the most damage in those 9 seconds.

For Yiazmat, 2 Masamunes at 1% HP results in the maximum possible damage speed, beating the Zodiac Spear, Tournesol, Yagyu Darkblade, Danjuro, and all other weapons.
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