If you had to choose...

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User Info: ShinGouken

5 years ago#1
... between having your very own moogle or getting a free sandwich which would you choose?

Hardest decision ever =/
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User Info: Ecclesiastes273

5 years ago#2
If it's a Moogle in one of those Red Mage outfits like Sorbet wears, the choice is easy.
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User Info: ShinGouken

5 years ago#3
Sorbet is so cute =) I want to buy a little red mage outfit for my rabbit who kinda looks like a moogle =P

.......but still.... sammiches <3
FFXII Perfect game Inventory at 2200+ Hours - http://youtu.be/0dJ2FaiS-ro

User Info: verylatebloomer

5 years ago#4

is there some caveat saying i can't order myself a moogle sandwich?

now...having to decide whether a moogle sandwich would be 1. sandwiched between two cute moogles or 2. trying what promises to be a new delectable lunchmeat, would be a hard enough decision in and of its own....

[aaaand...you just made me go make a sammich. i had no lettuce. granted, lettuce is not seriously important part of most sandwhiches, but they make me feel healthier, and i like the nice crunchiness, and if you gots good shredded lettuce it's a good way to hold a lot of italian dressing in your sammy. no, lettuce free today, i toasted up myself a hoagie roll first. then i slapped some pepperoni (big sammich size) and salami on it, doused it with mozzarella, and tosser 'er back in the toaster oven. there is nothing so beautiful as the heat-sweat of those meats, as they get slightly crispy on the edges, and nice and chewy and warm. mmmm. i failed to remember i had avocado in the fridge, which would've been nice, but wasn't necessary for my enjoyment. i did have some sliced tomaters and pickles all ready to toss in--not so much extra as to veil the nice meats. sometimes i slap some mustards on there, but today i just wanted that oily delicious meat and cheese. and so i ate it. and washed it down with my own brewed chocolate stout. and continue to drunkenly edit my sandwhich posts. sigh. thank you for inspiring me to eat my lunch today. otherwise, as it's my day off, i may have simply drunkenly forgot!]
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User Info: AlmasNo1Fan

5 years ago#5
hurdy <33333
By: ilikeikeilikeik

User Info: ShinGouken

5 years ago#6
We're officially best friends. (But less of this mustard talk, we don't ruin perfectly nummy sammiches with fould tasting satan mustard <_<)

Hi alma =) *waves*
FFXII Perfect game Inventory at 2200+ Hours - http://youtu.be/0dJ2FaiS-ro

User Info: Demonic_Essence

5 years ago#7
I would take the moogle so i could sell it for 1,000,000 $ and then pay somebody to make a sandwich, no second thoughts.
Whats a Difficulty Spike? Sounds like a sex position.

User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

5 years ago#8
how about my very own free moogle sandwich?

edit: damn, VLB already got the moogle sandwich =(

i guess i'll settle for tuna salad...
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User Info: Axujen

5 years ago#9
It depends, can i have sex with the moogle?

User Info: King_Shortt_IX

5 years ago#10
Free Sandwich, though I wonder what kind of meat I could get out of a moogle.
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