Gambit System?

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User Info: darklink536

5 years ago#1
I was reading online about the Gambit System and I came across the fact that apparently fuzzy logic is used for the gambit system. I read about fuzzy logic and im still confused how fuzzy logic and the gambit system is used together. Does anyone have any information on this? THx in advance
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User Info: ZekuMusashi

5 years ago#2
It's pretty much just a list of IF -> THEN commands.
Starting at the top, the game checks for fulfilled conditions until one is found, then it repeats again from the top.

Example: you have Foe: highest HP -> Attack and then Foe: lowest HP -> Attack, you will always attack the enemy with the highest HP.

Healing Gambits should mostly be at the top so they get priority when needed,
you can have one for small scratches, like Ally: HP < 90% -> Cure, at the bottom for after-battle heals.

There's some quirks, e.g. status heals / buffs can be applied simply with Ally: any, as those only activate when they would effect a change.
Sadly, the same cannot be said for e.g. Steal - there, Foe: HP = 100% (on your team leader) is probably the best choice.
There's also no good way to apply buffs from weapons (Healing Rod, Measures) as there are no conditions for the absence of a status :(
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User Info: RevenantThings

5 years ago#3
To me, the best learning opportunity for Gambits was to just explore with them on your own. You don't get access to manipulating them until an hour or so into the game, but take some time to mess around and you should catch on.
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User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#4

That gambits system is a stroke of genius. its complex, but it is given to you a little at a time. by the end of the game, you can do wonders with it.

Dragon Ago has something like this, only MORE complex. but it takes a computer programmer to figure it out. thats to over the top. XII gambits are right on the mark.

also you are NOT forced to use them. you can do things the old fashion way, if you choose. so its optional.

its a great system. use it and abuse it. Enjoy the game.
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User Info: Thamauturge

5 years ago#5
Gambits are awesome.
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User Info: Valkerion757

5 years ago#6
Gambit system is awesome, personally only used 5 per character through out the game, but thats how I played it. Mostly for heals and making sure the right things got targeted. Maybe one for enemy weakness like fire if all the monsters are weak to it in an area. Great system that most people were to stupid to figure out.
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