Just got into this game and loving it. Few questions after Raithwall.

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  3. Just got into this game and loving it. Few questions after Raithwall.

User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#11
Demonwall is the first real test with quickenings, and many players learn their way on that one. Some struggle, some give over, some persevere. Not hard to understand.

For anyone still stumbling, it's the concurrences that do big damage, not just a long string of quickenings. The Quickenings FAQ includes a helpful table of the concurrences.
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User Info: JolosGhost

4 years ago#12
I found that if I pursued Quickenings by Demon Wall, I had too many unwanted Licenses unlocked. If I had all the licenses I wanted at that point AND Quickenings, I'd be overpowered from levelling.

If anything, Demon Wall shows off the glaring flaw in the magic system (spells don't go off simultaneously due to system requirements and flashiness), so I had to get as powerful, physically, as I could without overlevelling and demolishing the game's difficulty curve.

Frankly, all I did was have Fran (Red Mage with more Black-Mage options), and Basch (Dark Knight) cast Berserk on Ashe (with a Kotetsu - just got lucky killing a Werewolf on my first pass, would have used something else if I didn't have it), Balthier (with a Gladius), Vossler, and Basch himself (with the Demonsbane).

Started the fight with Fran, Balthier, and Basch out, had Fran use Slow on the Demon Wall, and follow up with a Hastega Mote. Exchanged her out for Ashe, so long as she was lucky enough not to be targetted at the time, and had the four of them chop the Demon Wall to bits.

I had enough Holy Motes to take him out, but because he keeps moving and Holy Motes have to queue between spells, there wasn't enough time to hit him more than thrice...he just kept pushing me back while the spells waited to go off. They were hitting for 2,700 with Penelo in full Magick-boosting gear.

User Info: JolosGhost

4 years ago#13
Er, wow, missed that an entire paragraph of my post was missing.

Fran and Basch cast Berserk on Balthier, Ashe, Basch and Vossler. Then, I tucked them away until right before the fight. Used a Hastega Mote, initiated the fight, and won *right* before the wall came crashing down. Level 16.

User Info: Hawklaser

4 years ago#14
I have always found a reflectga mote or two, and one of the aoe spells you can have at that point to do really well for quickly taking down the demon wall, on top of having well set up attackers as well.
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  3. Just got into this game and loving it. Few questions after Raithwall.

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