night's perfect game II

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User Info: nightwyrd

4 years ago#1
Okay so earlier this year in January, I had started up my perfect file for this game from scratch, and got a little bit into it and made some small progress. Now fast forward to today; a bunch of stuff has happened in between such as deployments, playing new games that came out, and losing my memory card.

But I'm happy to report, gamefaqqers, that I am back and with all the drive and inspiration to continue my perfectest file, because I found my memory card! It is pretty doubtful any of you would really remember me, since my perfect game topic 1 had only about 15 replies to it.

I hope I can learn a lot from everyone who probably knows this game better than me and has larger perfectest files!

~=Current Game Stats=~

Gil: 42,886
Steps: 245,167
Time: 200h
License Board: All maxed; 15k LP avg on everyone
Clan Points: 3,972,0277

~=Missables Obtained=~

-Mithril Blade x1
-Mithril Sword x1
-Small Package x1
-Bhujerban Madhu x14
-Great Serpentskin x1
-Sandalwood Chop x1
-Pinewood Chop x28

User Info: Tordecybombo

4 years ago#2
those are missable? damn
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User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
4 years ago#3
Several of those things aren't missable so much as lose-able, as in if you sell them or give them away, you can't get them again.
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User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

4 years ago#4
sounds like all you have done is beat the game and max licence board but not LP....

you need to pick up the pace dude...
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User Info: ShinGouken

4 years ago#5
1 million steps = 100 hours playtime... roughly. How have you only taken 250,000 in 200 hours?

Good luck to you =)

Btw, the perfect game topic needs more regular posters <_<
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User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#6
The old topic, among 40 "perfect game" topics both fresh and archived.

Sorry you received so few replies. Folks are often shy about talking with someone playing with him-or-herself in public. ;^j

BTW, scroll rate on this board is around 10 days. Set an alarm to post regular updates.
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