Today's Top 10 demonstred how incredible XII storytelling is

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User Info: ShinGouken

4 years ago#11
I'll happily agree but i do have one problem with this that i never understood.

Gabranth obviously cared for Larsa and was clearly trying to fullfill his promise to protect him from Vayne. But this kind of contradicts his actions in the Pharos. He was under Vaynes orders to trial Ashe and discover her motives. If she intended to use the Nethicite as a weapon against Vayne then Gabranth was to put her to the sword. Ashe had decided not to wield the Nethicite so Gabranth tries to provoke her and tempt her to use it... why? Larsa has faith in Ashe and she establishes herself as a non threat when she refuses to take the Nethicite and she's basically left powerless, and all he achieves is severing his ties to Larsa when he's dismissed by Cid. It's very illogical for him to have taken a risk that appears to have no purpose.

The only thing i can think of is that he wants Ashe to destroy Vayne and the empire. But how does he expect to prevent Larsa from being one of the casualities of a nuclear strike? He's actively endangering the person he is supposed to protect
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User Info: LordMagus

4 years ago#12
Gabranth is suffering an identity crisis- he lost his purpose in life when Landis fell, and though he joined the Archadian army and rose in the ranks, he hated himself for joining the "enemy." He hates Basch for not losing his direction in life despite failing to protect Landis, then fleeing and failing to protect Dalmasca. Gabranth is self-destructive with a low self-opinion. So although he agreed to protect Larsa when Drace asked it with her dying breath, I don't think he was fully committed to the cause, nor did he think much of the value of his own oath.

He wants Ashe to destroy the Empire he resents, and probably doesn't care if he or Larsa is killed at the same time. It's only after he has it out with Basch, who says that he finds his purpose in life by dedicating himself to the protection of others, that Gabranth reconsiders his outlook. He decides that protecting Larsa is something worth living, fighting, and dying, for. Instead of perpetuating his self-hatred and self-destructive outlook by serving Vayne, he instead seeks salvation by protecting Larsa, and through Larsa, making the Empire into a force of progression instead of oppression.
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