How is this game?

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User Info: xxghost12xx

4 years ago#1
I purchased it off ebay yesterday, I'm waiting for it to arrive.

How's the combat?

Is the story intriguing?

How long would a full run of the game approximately take?

Is the bazaar system bad?

Thanks for any input on my questions guys.
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User Info: ShinGouken

4 years ago#2
The combat is the same as previous FF's except you have free movement in battle and enemies now appear on the field screen instead of a seperate battle screen. It's much better in my opinion and makes fighting random encounters less of a chore. The gambit system allows you to input automatic commands that trigger when certain conditions are met (example: Ally status=Slow > Cast Haste) Use them how you feel will most benefit your experience. That is, don't use too many gambits if you feel the game is "playing itself".

The story is more focused on plot than character development which is a nice change from the usual melodrama you get with FF. It's also quite political with the main focus of the story being about nations at war and the road to power. It's a little different from previous FF's with less emphasis on the main characters role in the plot and NPC's having a higher influence. Don't mistake it for "the characters were undeveloped and didn't matter to the plot though".

The bazaar system is a simple system that allows you to collect loot from monsters and sell it. If you sell a certain number of specific loots, you can unlock weapons/armour. Most of the goodies can be bought from shops anyway and the Bazaar only provides access to them a little earlier than they would otherwise be available. A few ultimate pieces of equipment can be obtained through the Bazaar but you'll need a guide to list the ingredients because the ingredients are hard to come by. This equipment isn't required to beat the main game but it's worth looking into if you want to tackle some of the harder bosses later.

How long the game takes depends on how much time you spend doing things unrelated to the main story. The game can be beaten in as little as 8 hours but you could spend 100+ hours if you're hunting rare game, fighting marks/optional bosees etc. You're looking at around 50ish hours for an average playthrough i think
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User Info: Soul59

4 years ago#3
Lots of JRPGs have political crap going on just saying. Doesn't mean it's anything special really.
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User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

4 years ago#4
xxghost12xx posted...
How's the combat?


Is the story intriguing?

s'ok... depends on personal taste

How long would a full run of the game approximately take?

first time around? all sidequests, order of ambrosia?... maybe 100 hours tops..

Is the bazaar system bad?

lol... been lurking?... the bazaar system is what you make of it... it is completely optional and only offers only a tiny few unique equips which are just for collectors really.. there are perfectly decent faqs if you are that bothered..
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User Info: jonnovision1

4 years ago#5
the Bazaar system is really only annoying because it doesn't tell you a whole lot about it, but it's easy to take advantage of if you use a guide and it's not even close to necessary to beat the game on just a normal playthrough.
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User Info: sevihaimerej

4 years ago#6
The bazaar system is actually very good considering it is just kind of a bonus aspect of the loot system which is probably the best idea in this game. Instead of monsters inexplicably carrying around money and equipment they have no business having, they drop odd items that you sell for money (you can also chain kill like type enemies increasing their drop rates and thusly getting much more from grinding) and they synthesize them to make new items. Basically this serves to reward you even more greatly for exploration and battle.

The gameplay is decent, gambits make fighting enemies a smoother experience than ever before (or since) in a FF game. I personally prefer a class system or forced character individuality, but you can remedy that yourself and essentially create your own roles for each character (ie basch-fightet class, ashe-magick nuke, penelo-benchwarmer class, etc..) or alternatively buy the international version which is better all around.

The story is such that the conflicts occurring are fully fleshed out on both sides and you fully understand the motivations of your adversaries by the end (not to mention the antogonists themselves are all pretty badass).

In conclusion, this is probably the most well put together final fantasy as a whole, and any complaints you may have come across from dissenters present on this board are either exaggerated greatly, entirely false, or completely insane. Of course, if you happen to hate lots of optional content, a beautiful world to explore, and a rich mythos underlying it all, this game may not be for you.
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User Info: bushbandit007

4 years ago#7
xxghost12xx posted...
I purchased it off ebay yesterday, I'm waiting for it to arrive.

How's the combat?

Is the story intriguing?

How long would a full run of the game approximately take?

Is the bazaar system bad?

Thanks for any input on my questions guys.

I really enjoyed the combat, but it has been the topic of abuse by many. mostly because they could not understand how the gambit system works. and granted it can be a little confusing to start with but if you read some guides you will quickly work it out, as it is not that complicated.

I found the story very interesting, but it has also been attacked by some. the story is very politically based, and follows several individuals on their own quests in the middle of the political maelstrom that is happening. i don't want to give too much away, but towards the end it turns more towards the traditional FF save the world kind of theme.

as others have said, the amount of time it will take you is dependent on how much time you want to put into it. it has literally hundreds of side quests to do, all unique. as for just playing the story line it probably would take around 20 hours, not being a speed run.

The bazaar system is not bad, or flawed, it is simply a tool to use to buy bonus items. and dependent on what monster drops you sell you can either get some sundries or weapons or armor. for a full list of bazaar goods and what is needed to get the item look through some faqs.

Hope you enjoy the game as much as i did. let us know how you go :)

User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#8
Its the best main series Final Fantasy game. The gameplay is phenomal, the story is great, really good writing, interesting characters (except for Vaan, Fran and Penelo) and one of Sakimoto's best soundtracks to date. Do not skip.
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User Info: YonKitoTaoshibe

4 years ago#9
How's the combat?

Pretty good. Doesn't get in the way. Easy fights are quick and simple and epic, challenging fights are intense.

Is the story intriguing?

Yeah, I'd say. The whole "Good vs Evil" is abandoned for a more balanced approach in which both sides have good and bad qualities. You'll find the villain sophisticated, intelligent, and well-intended, among other things. The main characters have their own motives for fighting, bearing more in common with FFII than FFIX, though they aren't quite as simple.

How long would a full run of the game approximately take?

Ehrm, depends on what you want to do. You can kill 600hrs doing and getting everything easily.
If you're looking for a quick game to beat, look elsewhere. If you're looking to engross yourself in a time-consuming epic with plenty of replay value, it's my duty to inform you I spent almost as much time playing this as Dissidia 012, in which I killed over 1000hrs.
Beat it once, and if you like it, start a new file and play it again. This game gets easier the more you play it, without New Game +.

Is the bazaar system bad?

Depends. Are you an anal retentive grinder like some of us? *raises hand* If so, ohhh yeah. It'll be pretty negligible if you literally do nothing outside the main story, though it'll make sets of gear cheaper. This is one of those areas that is optimized by extra playthroughs. Again, the FAQs are your friends.
Actually, if you're looking for the game's best equipment, it's a royal *****. But since you're here, save the Weapon's FAQ as a Text File and make your life easy.
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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
4 years ago#10
It's better than ff13 but worse than ff10.

If you expect something in between, that's about what you'll encounter. No fun minigame like in FFX though.
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