Argh... I need help getting an FBI Car.

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User Info: J_Man42

5 years ago#1
Okay, so, background: I'm currently at Staunton Island in the story. Right now, though, I'm focusing on side things like Hidden Packages, R3 Missions, and such. I only have two vehicles left for the EV Crane in Portland, the FBI Car and the Rhino. I'll worry about the Rhino later, right now I really want to get an FBI Car. Actually, I'd prefer two (one for the EV Crane and one for me to keep), but I'll be happy even if I can just get one.

The problem is, I'm having a really hard time getting to and surviving a 5-star wanted level. If I try to fight the cops on foot, they keep running me over with their cars and killing me. If I survive that, they shoot me from all directions, turning me into Swiss cheese real fast. Getting in a vehicle results in the police cars knocking me around like a pinball, either killing me or breaking the doors off which makes it really easy for cops on foot to bust me. In the cases where I do manage to reach 5 stars, I'm low on health and armor. It's nearly impossible to survive an FBI team's gunfire, kill them without destroying the fragile FBI Car in the process, then drive it to a garage.

Yeah, I'm kinda bad at this game. Can you guys offer me any advice?
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User Info: FishOfPain

5 years ago#2
Now it's been a while since I played, but I think there were a few good strategies you could use for an FBI Car in Staunton, can't remember which one is best but both are rather similar.

First one is to camp in the area where you have your safehouse. Go out on the street, make some noise and then make the cops come into your alleyway and kill them as they arrive. Explosives (preferably rocket launcher) works great for this. After a while the FBI should show up, and all you need to do is to collect your four bribes to cool them down a bit to one star. Then just steal a car and try to drive it into the garage; I think they won't shoot as much on lower levels, and at least you can quickly get into the garage.

The other method is to get a car ready for the pay'n'spray in Staunton and, with a similar method, try to lure the police and later FBI there. It's a bit harder to pull off, but I remember once that I managed to get an FBI car for absolutely free there, since the game unloaded the guys but not the car. They probably stepped out before my respray but then went away when I lost my wanted level. But this takes a bit more luck to get the cars to stay.
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User Info: BimmyLee

5 years ago#3
Yeah, I mostly use the SI safehouse method previously mentioned. I think it's the easiest since it's so convenient being so close to your garage and not having to deal with the FBI in the open. Also the 4 police bribes and the health and armor pickups can help a lot.

...One thing you mentioned that caught my attention though: You really shouldn't be having problems reaching 5-stars with full health/armor if you do it right. (BTW, don't forget to do the hooker trick to get 125 health.) From 0-stars, go to the street outside your SI safehouse and throw molotovs/grenades to the crowd so you get a 3-star level quickly. Once you manage that, retreat to your hideout and shoot down helicopters with the rocket launcher until you reach 5-stars. On-foot cops and cop-cars won't follow you inside unless you lure them, so you're safe in there.

An alternative method that I've also used on occasion is to steal one of the FBI cars parked on the FBI barricades during 5-star chases. You can try your luck by getting into a tough vehicle like the Firetruck and driving around the Stadium area until you spot a barricade. These barricade-FBI cars are dark-gray instead of the pitch-black regular ones, though...but they are otherwise identical, I think.

P.S. The dark-gray version is also the one you get when you import it at the EV crane...which is a shame, since the pitch-black version is way prettier.

User Info: J_Man42

5 years ago#4
I don't yet have access to a rocket launcher. I looked it up, apparently I can only get it after completing the mission "Arms Shortage", which I haven't gotten to yet. Should I just wait until I get one before I try this again?

Also, the reason I kept getting badly damaged before 5 stars is that I'm bad at straight-up gunfights. I tried to compensate with a pattern of leading police on a vehicle chase, stopping to kill a few cops, then grabbing another vehicle and repeating (also I took advantage of Enforcer barricades to refresh my armor). Seems that isn't a good strategy. I need to get better at this game's combat, it would probably make things easier.
"My strength will only be used to protect the world! Lord of Darkness, prepare to suffer for trifling with so many lives!" - Sonia Belmont

User Info: RARusk

5 years ago#5
Go under the bridge near Asuka's Condo in Staunton Island and wait for the FBI guys to show up. When they show up then run away on foot - don't fight them. After a short distance then turn around. Due to a design flaw the FBI guys will have disappeared but their cars remain.

Then take one of the FBI Cars and drive it to the nearby Pay 'N' Spray to get rid of the Wanted Rating. Problem solved.
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User Info: BimmyLee

5 years ago#6
Shoot, you're right.. sorry!! I forgot the rocket launcher is not available at that point. Haven't played in a while...
It is in fact harder to get to 5 stars unharmed (or without losing a good chunk of the armor) if you can't shoot down police helicopters.

BTW, you can also shoot down helis with the M16 machine gun (aim at the rotor blades), but that's not practical until later in the game because M16 ammo is scarce at this point.

So, in case you still haven't managed to get the FBI car, I just tested rasuk's "run away - turn around" strategy and it is indeed quite easy. IMO, though, it is even easier if you do it by luring an FBI car inside your safehouse. Then it's just a matter of driving it a few meters to your garage.

User Info: BimmyLee

5 years ago#7
...Apologies to rarusk for misspelling his screen name in my previous post.

User Info: Nukey_Shay

5 years ago#8
Something to be aware of (as far as completion percentage goes) is that you get jack until the crane is actually which time it will go up in a "lump sum" amount for all 7 vehicles. Since it's impossible to complete the crane prior to Ray's "Arms Shortage" mission anyway (i.e. the earliest time you can get your hands on a Rhino)...just put it off until then. You know the drill...push the locked Rhino to your garage before speaking to Phil, complete the mission, then immediately go back to the garage to finally unlock the doors. You can take Phil's bulletproof Barracks OL if you want to at the conclusion of the mission...but it's essential that you get back to the garage pronto (the Rhino only stays in memory for a short time while it's doors are locked...even tho it's holed up in your garage).

With a Rhino on hand, getting an FBI Karuma is duck soup. Let 'em follow you down to your Staunton safehouse, run over the agents, pick up your bribes and away you go. If you are feeling adventurous...just have them follow you to the crane itself ;-)
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  3. Argh... I need help getting an FBI Car.

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