Uber Spear

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User Info: GreatAether0

8 years ago#1
How does one obtain it? Is it Eliwood mode only, Hector mode only, or either? What does it boost and by how much? Does a character with it in their inventory keep the bonuses if they equip a different weapon?
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User Info: domo454

8 years ago#2
Its called Broken spear. Get to know it.

User Info: Fungi127

8 years ago#3
What the smeg are you blatherin' about, domo? You get the uber spear with the mine glitch, which is explained in the cheats section like this:

Control Enemy Units

Place a Mine anywhere on the field. When an enemy unit walks onto it, while they are taking damage, reset your game. When you continue your game, it shows the enemy being damaged again, and then you can control your enemy units. Use this to make them discard all of their items, retreat, or attack units that you want to level up. Note* Enemy units can only be controlled for one turn.

With this glitch you can make enemy units give stuff to Merlinus, too, if they're right by the tent. I usually make the enemies make a line of wyvern riders straight to Merlinus, and just have it trade the US to him. I've heard of an alternate way to go about doing this, and I for one don't think it's completely worth it. You just give it to the shaman who'll drop Luna, and he'll drop the US instead. The brigands ALWAYS move first.

This all happens in a chapter called 'Unfulfilled Heart' with a wyvern rider named Vaida as the boss, who has the US. It's in any mode, and you must have it equipped to get the boosts. I don't know how much it puts up your stats, but it makes Vaida a force to be reckoned with, if that counts for anything. I don't think it puts up RES at all, but that doesn't matter anyways.

BTW, I found most of this in Armads FAQ when I Ctrl+Fed Uber. So if I don't help, maybe that will.
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User Info: Mikatayuki

8 years ago#4
Vaida has a nice spear.
nice boat

User Info: domo454

8 years ago#5
No, Broken Spear!!!

You can't beat a whopping 0 damage!

User Info: BlueFirePhoenix

8 years ago#6
Vaida's spear > Eliwood's rapier.

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User Info: EmblemWarrior

8 years ago#7
Gotta admit, a unit with 73 hp is beastly
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User Info: aoffdx

8 years ago#8

User Info: Led_Zeppelin721

8 years ago#9
I hate it when people use uber when speaking english.
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User Info: FroggyOverlord

8 years ago#10
well than what else should we call it? Id go for awesome spear

and what are you talking about, it boosts RES alot. +14 pnts i think, but im not sure

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