serra vs. priscilla?

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User Info: ICSTARS77

8 years ago#1
Looking around, it seems that serra is considered to be better, but which class is better: Valkyrie or bishop? I mean, not factoring when you get people and other outside factors such as this, would serra still be considered supieror?
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User Info: Monkey_Slayer

8 years ago#2
Yeah if you don't factor in any meaningless stuff such as stats or levels, Priscilla wins because of 1 MOV (and 2 when promoted).
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User Info: Cirevam

8 years ago#3
Anima is strong against light (right?), so there's another advantage for Prissy.
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User Info: deprece

8 years ago#4
Prissy. no contest.
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User Info: DeleveleD

8 years ago#5
I'm biased towards Priscilla because she's one of my favorite characters. Serra is also a good unit, but I never really used her because I felt she was inferior to Lucius and she has really poor support options.

I only used them because they were healers, big mistake, upon promotion, I still recognized them as full time healers. I did not consider the fact, or overlooked that with ALL magic users, they all gain the ability use Staves, or Magic in the case of healers.

Ahh, this is so hard to type down while making it make sense so I'll just say this:

Just choose one that has potential and you think belongs in your party and just use an already promoted magic unit to use Staves for the other, it's fine to use both, but another unit could probably do better than the other.
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User Info: Sword_Demon66

8 years ago#6
Unfortunately, Serra can't draw off of incest strength resevoirs like Priscilla can.

User Info: jamiemadrox024

8 years ago#7
I personally like Priscilla more.
But that also is because I prefer Anima over Light Magic. Plus she's got mad move.

User Info: magic_cow

8 years ago#8
Topic and opening post contradict. "Outside factors" vague and not defined.
Valkyrie class over Bishop.

User Info: FroggyOverlord

8 years ago#9
i just like priscilla better. i like having a magic unit that can keep pace with my paladins/falcoknights

User Info: yankee_hater

8 years ago#10
i very much prefer priscilla because of her movement

plus by the time i get her i can usually tell which one i'm going to use, as my serra is always much higher level but almost always has lower magic and even speed, maybe i get RNGscrewed with serra but my priscilla consistantly turns out better

as a class in general, valkyrie > bishop, plus, there is a better option at bishop that you dont have to baby until s/he hits level 20
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