Is Cog of Destiny a sick joke?

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User Info: Etrurianmage

8 years ago#11
^Is this your first Fire Emblem game by any chance?
Don't worry, the worst that could happen is we all die. -Jade Curtiss

User Info: X_the_legend

8 years ago#12

wil died so i have to restart the game T_T

Besides, Ninian won't be with you any longer.. hehee..
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User Info: Mekibos

8 years ago#13
I had to restart the level if I wanted any chance of winning the rest of the game.

Don't worry, you can't win anyway. Only Marcus can win.
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User Info: Lieutenant_Sun

8 years ago#14
SPOILERS Gale's squad spawns in the middle of the map, on the mountains that are protecting you from the bot load of Paladins and Wyverns that swarm you. END SPOILERS

Well, they don't attack you if Ziess or Miledy are there. First priority for them is surround those 2 and protect them?

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User Info: SuperLuigiFan64

8 years ago#15
OMG this chapter on HHM was MURDER!
Those damn valkyries could two-shot Hector and one of them berserked
Jaffar, who thankfully, didn't kill anyone. The stage became hell
as soon as those valkryries moved and Vaida came, then came a $@#% load
of wyverns reinforcements.

Also, some druids have Luna and lots of enemies with status-inducing staves.
I'm 3/4 done with Hector Hard Mode.
The only character that died was Dorcas on Ch.13x

User Info: metroid_matrix

8 years ago#16
^Is this your first Fire Emblem game by any chance?

Uh, yeah. Why?

Anyway, forget what I said about Cog of Destiny. Cog of Destiny is nothing compared to Victory or Death. I can't beat Victory or Death. Even if I bum-rush the boss before the ten billion waves of enemies arrive, I still can barely damage her, and can beat her only by sacrificing all of my best units (something I don't want to do). I would use Nils to boost my unit defenses, but there are so many enemies that I constantly have to have people rescue him or he gets surrounded and killed.

In other words...I don't think Fire Emblem is for me.
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User Info: Red Minotaur

Red Minotaur
8 years ago#17
Turtle up in the corner. Wait 78349 turns until enemy reinforcements stop. Slowly turtle your way (with the entire group in tow) towards the throne.

Seriously, how hard is this game?
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User Info: metroid_matrix

8 years ago#18
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: metroid_matrix

8 years ago#19
Yeah, at first I tried turtling until I killed everybody.

Then all my weapons started breaking...

As for how hard this game is...well, I beat all of the games in the Advance Wars series on normal mode, and Advance Wars 2 on hard mode. None of them gave me as much trouble as this is, but maybe that's because I'm used to not being at the mercy of an RNG and actually being able to sacrifice units..
The radio said, "No, John. You are the demons."
And then John was a zombie.

User Info: KingKilvas

8 years ago#20
^I know how you feel. I have played Path of Radiance and Sacred Stones, but when I got to this game, I had no idea how easy they are compared to this.
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