Erk vs. Priscilla

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User Info: Tarsus_M

8 years ago#1
So I'm thinking when it comes to which magic users I'm going to use, I have to think of which ones I can promote. I'm currently using Lucius, Canas, Erk and Priscilla. Both my Lucius and Canas are turning out great so far, but both Priscilla and Erk have had multiple RNG screwed level ups.

(for example, my lvl 16 Priscilla's magic is 8 and her speed is tied with her res for 13, while lvl 18 Erk's highest stat is a 13 speed, he has 10 mag and 10 res, 9 def which is dumb for a mage I think.) (Also compare Erk's lvl 18 stats to Canas of the same lvl. Canas, mag 14, speed 11, and res 10. enough RNG screwed tangent).

So I have 2 guiding rings as of now (chapter 20). and I think I can get 3 more by the endgame (not including secret shop). Would it be redundant to have 2 anima mages? I'm definitely keeping Priscilla but I'm wondering if I should ditch Erk for a while until I get more guiding rings. Or a better anima mage that hasn't been screwed. Thoughts?

Also I'd appreciate feedback on not RNG screwed Erk vs. Priscilla.

User Info: Tarsus_M

8 years ago#2
Sorry for the double post, but an update is needed, Priscilla just leveled and got speed and magic. Giving her 9 mag and 14 speed.

User Info: Mr_Lion2

8 years ago#3
If she gains any more Magic or Speed, bench Erk.

User Info: Lu_Aza

8 years ago#4
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User Info: CloudSith5060

8 years ago#5
Based on availability/average stats:
Serra > Priscilla > Erk > Pent > Lucius > Canas

Using Erk and Priscilla in conjunction is a great idea, since they have a fast support that gives great bonuses. Serra's supports are much more iffy, since they're all so damn slow.

As for your situation, just go ahead and replace Erk with Pent when you get the chance. Though I'd be willing to bet that Erk's stats, regardless of how screwed they are, are still enough to one-round most things, so I doubt it really matters.

User Info: Tarsus_M

8 years ago#6
Thanks for the quick responses, both in time and in wit. At least most.
Since I'm not using Serra this play I'll stick with Priscilla and set Erk aside unless more enemy bishops show up.

User Info: MastaKyle

8 years ago#7
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*fetal position*
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User Info: Etrurianmage

8 years ago#8
I use both Erk and Priscilla and have them A Support each other on every playthrough. Once they promote, if you have them stand next to each other, they'll dodge nearly everything. Take out every enemy they fight in one turn, hit every time and critical a good bit, they can heal each other, etc.

However, it sounds like your Erk got seriously RNG screwed. I'd consider using Pent (or maybe Nino, if you happen to have an extra Guiding Ring once it comes time to train her) instead. Then again, he wouldn't be impossible to train if you got him to 20 and then benched him until you got a Guiding Ring for him. He'd probably still be able to take most enemies in one round due to their laughable resistance.
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