Matthew vs. Jaffar vs. Legault

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User Info: tmbjr_05

8 years ago#1
Which one makes the best assassin for the endgame chapters?

I know it's possible to have all three of them, but for the sake of debate, I want to see which one you guys think is best.
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User Info: 1337nintendo

8 years ago#2
It depends what you need. Don't count on Matthew or Legault to do damage, but Jaffar won't dodge nearly as much as the other two. Matthew also has better supports.
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User Info: OverratedSage

8 years ago#3
At 20/20

HP: Matt > Leggy >>>Jaffar
Str: Jaffar >> Matt => Leggy
Skl: Jaffar >> Leggy >> Matt
Spd: Matt = Leggy > Jaffar
Lck: Leggy >>> Matt >>>>> Jaffar
Def: Jaffar => Leggy > Matt
Res: Jaffar > Leggy > Matt

Of course, Legault and Matthew take a ton of EXP to catch up in levels to Jaffar, what with the whole "You have to recruit a level 13 Assassin Jaffar before you can even have a level 1 assassin Legault/Matthew", so Jaffar will be significantly leading in everything except luck for a long time. So if you're looking for an endgame assassin, he's really the most practical choice and even at 20/20 is about as god, maybe even better than the other two.
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User Info: CloudSith5060

8 years ago#4
Aside from personal preference, Jaffar is the only character who should ever be an Assassin. The other two have worse Strength, and the Fell Contract is worth a ton of cash.
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User Info: PokeAMon

8 years ago#5
^ This.
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User Info: xbombr

8 years ago#6
Not to mention that promoting theives makes them lose the ability to steal. Jaffar has the lead offensively and defensively, so promoting the other two doesn't make any sense.
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User Info: indian_64

8 years ago#7
I would only promote Matthew or Legault if they got some crazy good levels.
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User Info: Hello_AlI

8 years ago#8
Jaffar is better because his hair is the closest to mine >_> Now if only he would grow it out just a bit...
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