How to make your own fire emblem game

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User Info: IceHero991

7 years ago#1
For those of you who've played other fire emblem games, this is a topic to show all the cliches necessary to make a fire emblem game. I'll go first

Get a prince with an unnatural hair color
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User Info: vivi_donagus

7 years ago#2
Conditions for winning: Defeat Dycdarg's Elber Brother ~ Final Fantsy Tactics
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User Info: bottlegnomes

7 years ago#3
A villain who has plenty of opportunities to crush you but allows you to go on getting stronger until you can kill them.
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User Info: yawn12345

7 years ago#4
dont read my sig

User Info: PlightBringer

7 years ago#5
make topics like this

User Info: 17Master

7 years ago#6
Two Mages. The first of which is pretty solid all around, joins early, and is a great asset from the moment you get him/her to Endgame.

The second mage has ridiculously good growth rates and would become an absolute terror for enemies if leveled. However he/she joins very late, at a level in which he/she cannot be effective without so much protection that the player's forward progress is virtually halted. At the level in which this Mage catches up, he/she is not even significantly superior to the first Mage

User Info: lazerpig

7 years ago#7
Orphans with spiky colorful hair save the world from someone who doesn't have spiky or colorful hair and is jealous.
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User Info: EchoPhoenix

7 years ago#8
A dragon, demon king, or other divine/unholy being that threatens to destroy the continent and/or the world.

User Info: lazerpig

7 years ago#9
Bad stuff happened a long time ago, and is now happening again.
...lazerpig, scratch that. You are entitled to TWO Internets.

User Info: number13700

7 years ago#10
This all sounds like a generic RPG.
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