I propose a change to "PEMN"

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User Info: TragicToaster2

6 years ago#1
Greetings all, Toast here.

I am here to propose a change to a long-time favorite acronym of ours here at the FEGBA boards. PEMN, or Personal Experience Means Nothing, is the acronym we currently shout at any who try and bring in personal experience to play. PEMN states that personal experience holds no weight or value at all when discussing the game. However, that is not true. I mean, when we each play FE, we never completely go by PEMN and teirs, do we? What if our Erk is better than our Pent? What if our Kent gets Strength blessed, and Sain screwed? It may be personal experience that someone's Erk or Kent is better than their averagely superior counterpart, however, it also has meaning that they may end up better than their averagely superior counterpart, and that needs to be acknowledged, not completely dismissed.

To try and remedy this, and give Personal Experinece its fair place while still maintaining that it is personal and up to the RNG, I say we retire PEMN and replace it with "Personal Experience Never Is Sustainable". Using this acronym, P E N I S, we can show that Personal Experience has a place, but is not a lasting or strong position, and while it should never be relied upon, it should always be considered in individual play. Because, what is individual play besides Personal Experience?

Thank you for your time and consideration of my proposal.


"What the hell's a TragicToaster? A burn victim?" - IceBarrage

User Info: xX_Dusk_Xx

6 years ago#2
I'm for this change 100%.
That guy you wish you were.

User Info: AnimeRPGFan

6 years ago#3
but is not a lasting or strong position, and while it should never be relied upon, it should always be considered in individual play.

You should have continued this line of thought. You ended it waaaay too early.
Please, call me Loyal.
Nintendo has this whole thing about making people want to give them money and then not letting them do it.

User Info: Kazandersand

6 years ago#4
It was a great start, but the finish leaves much to be desired.
"All those people in the dining car, would you please kill them for me sir?" -Czeslaw Meyer

User Info: PokeAMon

6 years ago#5
In the time it takes for you to read this message, another child will die of hunger. Read faster next time.
RNG Regulator

User Info: Jackz_Guyz

6 years ago#6
I agree with this greatly.
"Eirika, Level 20, 7 strength. Should I be concerned?" -Czardia
"It doesn't take that much Str to make a sammich, so she's good." -PokeAMon

User Info: Vascela

6 years ago#7
likes this on facebook

User Info: Exkalipoor

6 years ago#8
It is because of pemn why I chose to use average growth hacks. Fire Emblem has a horrible unreliable growth system, which destroys a lot of potential meta/competitive game.

User Info: Darksamusz

6 years ago#9
I approve.
The Enigma

User Info: Albin0

6 years ago#10
Imma go save this in the stash of co-YOU EVEN SAVED IT FOR ME! HOW SWEET OF YOU!
Albino ~ White Marshall
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