Classes to use throughout game?

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User Info: Oval91

8 years ago#1
Right now I'm about lv 20 with 6 Djinni per character. What class setup should I use for each character in order to get good stats per lvl up?

User Info: heavenscloud09

8 years ago#2
Heh, I just matched the Djinni to the character of the element. I wasn't until my 4th playthrough that I messed with classes.
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User Info: an0nym0usrex

8 years ago#3
Djinni don't affect how many stat points you get on lvl ups. You can look at the leveling guide to see the max points at lvl up for each character.

User Info: aku_chi

8 years ago#4
You could try:

Isaac - Ninja (3 fire, 3 wind)
Garet - Barbarian (6 earth)
Ivan - Savant (6 water)
Mia - Ranger (3 wind, 3 fire)

Those should be pretty nice. Check out TFergussen's Djinn/Class Mechanics FAQ for additional options.

User Info: LBoksha

8 years ago#5
Problem with that is that you can't exactly use them throughout the game. :-P
I would recommend
Robin/Isaac: gets all Jupiter djinn
Gerald/Garet: gets all Venus djinn
Ivan: gets all Mercury djinn
Mary: gets all Mars djinn

The only downside here is that nobody gets any single target healing spells, but meh, those stink compared to MT healing anyway. :-P (plus there's always Heal Nuts)
Note that when everybody has 6 or 7 djinn, each character should get a djinn of their own element as well.
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