Makar wind temple glitch

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User Info: GameOn99

7 years ago#1
Okay, i got the hook shot, makar, everything i need in the wind temple in order and i went back to the room with makar where he was supposed to plant the three trees but now he just keeps telling me to hookshot onto the trees but he won't stop saying that so the game is frozen, what am i doing wrong? I used a few cheat codes but nothing to do with this area. Is it because i only planed the tree at the top? i did that not knowing maker would be kidnapped. also, i did not save so i have to do the whole temple again =(
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User Info: barboid

7 years ago#2
It's because you're not playing the game properly. You need to pay attention to what Makar tells you. You have to plant in ALL the patches or Link will not be able to proceed. In case you weren't paying attention, Link needs to have those plants available to hookshot up the 'ravine'.
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