Aiming at devil's reef

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User Info: TheS1ckness

8 years ago#1
I zoom in and all the reef looks like ... is a blob. I can't remotely shoot it.
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User Info: andreawot

8 years ago#2
same here, when i press AIM, I get zoom for a second and then nothing, I can't even see what I must shoot at
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User Info: GreatSage92

8 years ago#3
Same problem. FAQ mentions blue lights, but I don't see any, and I can't tell if my hits even register on the reef.
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User Info: lonewolfpaladin

8 years ago#4
same here. I keep looking and I see nothing.
I am playing the steam version

User Info: lonewolfpaladin

8 years ago#5
I asked the steam boards, apparently this is an old bug that they never fixed.
here is a solution

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