Question before I get into this series

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User Info: Vale_Sanctuary

6 years ago#1
Okay, I've read reviews about this game series and seen some gameplay footage of it, so I gave this series a try. I started out with Days of Ruin, but unfortunately that game was too difficult for me. I was just wondering if the other Advanced Wars games were any easier.

User Info: DemonKingu

6 years ago#2
I'd say Advance Wars 2 and Advance Wars DS are the easier ones of the lot. The original Advance Wars definitely classifies as being the hardest by far. | Advance Wars website and community
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User Info: Tinto

6 years ago#3
The first Advance Wars is on par with Days of Ruin, it is the least complex, certainly less so than Days of Ruin. It does however have a very very good tutorial that explains everything in-depth.

Advance Wars Dual Strike I'd say is the easiest of the series. It certainly features the most gamebreakingly overpowered combinations and tricks.
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