SEGA the good old days....

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User Info: Sonic5227

9 years ago#1
This was one of the "real" SEGA games that should what SEGA was about. I want another game so much. I don't know how though as smilebit was disbanded thanks to the sammy merger. SEGA!
Sonic Unleashed huh? Hope its unleashed from bad Sonic games.

User Info: Beatperson14

9 years ago#2
I have said this before and I'll say it again
SEGA is a company, they want to make money. They know they have a fanbase itching for a select few games, and they are going to deliver. Eventually. They are waiting for something, either a good idea for sequels for all the wanted games, one of them, or maybe they are releasing a console, who cares. Eventually we will get our Shenmue 3 and Jet Set Radio Next, Space Channel 3 and Chu Chu Rocket! 2, so I'm fine with sitting quitely and waiting.

TL;DR, don't fret, lad, your sequels are on their way~!
My words are the most powerful force in the universe! - Hideyuki from Bazooka Cafe
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  3. SEGA the good old days....

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