Pick a song for a character

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User Info: takeaflightVP

6 years ago#1
Pick a song for any character. I shall go first.
Rhyth : 19-2000 - Gorillaz

I dont know why i just think of Rhyth for some reason in this songO_O'' and obviously no song compares to the original music used in the game!
HOOOSHA!! what now?!?!

User Info: Frozeneye23

6 years ago#2
Yeah, I know what you mean, the original Soundtrack is just perfect T.T
19-2000 fits Rhyth really good xD
How about "Bloodsweet" from Scapegoat Wax for Cube ^^ ?
I somehow like it xD
I'm German, so my English is a bit bad ^^"
Don't punish me for that

User Info: Disgruntledchao

6 years ago#3
let mom sleep or funky dealer for Yoyo
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