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User Info: Andrew21044

5 years ago#11
The only time I played was when my brother wanted to go against me.......
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User Info: attomis

5 years ago#12
Played it for a bit, actually had some fun with it despite not being a racing fan.

User Info: SalemFox

5 years ago#13
like once o_o lol i only did like one race
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User Info: ObsidianSniper1

5 years ago#14

Jet_Set_Radi_Go posted...
I always end up trying to play it but it is one of the hardest racing games ever made.

LMAO THIS, oh my god

User Info: takkun1313

5 years ago#15
one time only, didn't care for it at all, i never really liked racing games.

User Info: Lilbisk

5 years ago#16
Racing games are indeed not as fun.. JSRF will have it beat anyday. MORE interesting to say the least :)
I love my Sarahbear <3 (10-23-09)
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User Info: Lilbisk

5 years ago#17
I love my Sarahbear <3 (10-23-09)
Assis: *Animal Crossing* (Gamecube) =)

User Info: slowdusted

5 years ago#18
i tried it but i suck at racing games & love jsrf so the only time i played it was 2 player with my dad cuz he loves cars & was a mechanic for 30 years. but i'd play jsrf multi-player w/ my sis & my friends & single player of course. jsrf is my favorite xbox game. =^_^= <3
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User Info: twiggy90

5 years ago#19
to this day I have yet to play and I have no plans on playing it either lol
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User Info: Lilbisk

5 years ago#20
Hmmm.. Well I might have to try and play Sega GT.. Despite I might fail. :(
Assis: *Animal Crossing* (Gamecube) =)

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