Let's share some of the graffiti we have made.

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  3. Let's share some of the graffiti we have made.

User Info: United_World

5 years ago#1
I made this topic in the Jet Set Radio XBOX 360 board aswell.
I basically decided to use the editor for the first time as a tribute to the upcoming JSRHD.
So I wanted to see some of the stuff the Jet Set community has made aswell. This is what I got:


Scott Pilgrim

Nox(From Sideway: New York)

The Original Jet Set Graffiti Soul

The Sideway Logo
Give it to me, baby.

User Info: The_404s

5 years ago#2
I wish I could do graffiti.
Unfortunately everything I've ever written anywhere is ugly.

User Info: SUPRIX

5 years ago#3
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you're good. I'm absolutely horrible with the graffiti maker :( :( :(

User Info: vermillionlove

5 years ago#4
Whoa... so that thing is the original graffiti soul?? I never knew. I need to play the original, bad. I have a dreamcast and everything... just need to track down the game.

I fiddled with the custom graffiti once. it sucked. my lil bro made a cool one once, it was supposed to be my initials but it looked like a grim reaper to me. :O
Wanna add me on MKW? I tend to hang around the mid to lower 8000s in VR.

User Info: nogaems

5 years ago#5
Here's some dumb thing I did some years ago (don't know where I put the colored version):


I made some other Poison Jam tributes, but they were all pretty bad. I think I spent an hour working on something in the editor, but then I never actually used what I made since it was so bad. That was on my very first play through though.
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  3. Let's share some of the graffiti we have made.

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