I wish we could pick and choose....

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User Info: vermillionlove

5 years ago#1
.... the music that is playing at what times! I hate that after you finish the game, you are stuck with the chapter 9 same 8 tracks. :( they are not bad. but there's all those other tracks just rotting...

Also, it would be great if you could pick multiple songs to play in the garage instead of one on loop. would be great for test running (that is what those challenges are called, right? it's been a while.)

Recently I played the game quickly just to take in the entire story. then I restarted and have began also collecting every graffiti soul and plan to beat all of the test runs. I've played through the game many times but only once have I gotten it 100% done. Is it just me or was the 99th street graffiti run the hardest thing in the whole game? x__x

Anyway my point is I am doing it this way so that I can enjoy the full rounds of the music selected for each chapter as I am unlocking/grabbing everything, so I don't have to go back hear the same 8 songs later.

I like that there is a choice to turn down the music and keep the sfx. that way I can play any music in the background I want. I love the jsrf soundtrack so much I wouldn't want to play much of anything else. :)
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