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User Info: the_great_pjm

8 years ago#1
any one know what those things are that some people drop (can they be made into anything?????????)lemm-me know
THEGREATPJM didn't really get into this game after my file went.........POOF like dude's were in the high 300 before it happend:O X-|{

User Info: FrznShadow

8 years ago#2

You'll have to be more specific than "things" if you really want an answer. There is no crafting in the game though, so you can't make anything. Perhaps you are referring to the trophy like things that the monsters drop which are specific to certain types of monster? I never found a use besides selling them.

User Info: the_great_pjm

8 years ago#3
alright thanks for the clearity (Y) nice

User Info: cold blue steel

cold blue steel
8 years ago#4
Yeah, those monster-specific drops seem to just be for selling AFAIK, although I couldn't resist keeping at least one of each in my collection, just in case ;)
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